Availing For Personal Loan? 5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself!

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Are you looking forward to availing of a personal loan? Have you given thought to what will come after you take the loan? Personal Loan comes with their own set of benefits, require very limited documentation, there is no need for collateral, and it is available at any time. People opt for this loan as there are no specific restrictions over the amount you can avail. This loan can be utilized for any requirement and emergency. Before going for a personal loan, you need to give a thought to the price and what comes after that. There are several questions that you need to ask yourself before taking a step towards availing of a personal loan. Here are some major questions that you need to consider. Read on!


1. Do I Need A Loan?

Before going for a personal loan, the first question that you need to ask yourself is if you need the loan. This loan can be taken for any reason. People go for it even if they don’t need it. Identifying the need is highly essential before going for a personal loan. Giving thought might lead you to a realization that you don’t need the loan. So think about the requirements and go for it.

Personal Loans can be a great option when it comes to emergencies related to health or financial requirements. Using the loan money on entertainment or luxury is never a good idea. Spending the loan money over a vacation or any heavy price purchase will lead to difficult debt, so avoid going for loans in such situations.

2. Will I Be Able To Pay On Time?

Before going forward with any loan, you must consider your repayment capacity. This factor plays an important role right after you have taken out a loan. Not giving a thought to this question will lead to several issues. Going for a loan instantly without a second thought is problematic as you may not have back support for repayment later. Ensure your financial state and how it will be in the upcoming year to have a timely refund of your loan amount.

To maintain the debt-to-income ratio and get done with the repayment, you need to calculate your retirement or earn years and how much time it will take to repay the amount. Ensuring this will keep you out of financial trouble.

If you cannot repay at the right time, then there will be an add-up of an extra fine amount. That will be an extra financial burden. If you fail to give that amount, your credit score will get negative. This will further have a bad impact when you reach out for a loan the next time.

3. Am I Capable Of Repayment in The Future?

Checking on Repayment capacity is not enough. You also need to see if you can pay the amount in the near future. Loan repayment tenures are usually long, and life situations, financial status, and responsibilities toward family change. In such scenarios, you need to see if, during the repayment period, you will be able to afford the amount having all other responsibilities. Many people fail to look at this point of view while availing of a personal loan, which leads to difficulty repaying or debt.

Have a clear idea of your future planning. Know what additional finance you have to manage along with the repayment of this loan.

4. Did I Research Well?

A lot of banks, as well as non-Banking Financial Companies(NBFCs), are providing personal loans. Hence there is a huge compilation between them. So do not just go for the 1st vendor to provide a personal loan you found. Do proper research to find better benefits for you.

A single google search can show you a lot of information about the personal loan. You can find the interest rate according to your affordability and processing fees. Or a single financial website that shows you a comparison of interest rates and policies offered by the lender. You also should check on the official website of the lender and be sure of any changes in the rate or not and get the updated data.

Make sure, while arranging the information from the lender, not to apply for the loan. To get a loan, lenders check your credit score. Taking multiple loans credit in a short duration may disrupt your credit score. A low credit score will make you suffer in the future, and you will face difficulty getting a loan in emergency situations.

Research helps you get a better deal for yourself. Without proper research, you may have regrets afterwards. Bad loans influenced by a lack of research can put you in a loan trap with unfavorable terms, high-interest rates, high processing charges, hidden charges, insufficient loan amounts, and many more.

5. Do I Agree To The Terms And Conditions?

Generally, before deciding on a loan, people open the lender by keeping interest rates and processing fees in mind. But that is not enough. Every lender has different terms and conditions, and loans have different features. The borrower must know all those features and conditions before accepting the policies.

Prepayment, foreclosure charges, fix time after which it is allowed are some important terms and conditions that can impact your finances and influence your decision. Not only with finance, other points such as credit insurance, repayment conditions, etc., can also fill you with regrets after you decide to take your loan. Hence it becomes important to read all the terms and conditions of the personal loan before going for it.


Taking a loan comes with a lot of pre-planning and analysis. If you are going to avail of a personal loan, give it thought. Ensure if you need the loan amount and what emergency it will solve. Have a plan for the repayment. See if you can get done with the repayment process in the time period.  Do your research well before going for the loan and re-check the terms and conditions, and see if you agree to it. Keeping the above questions in your mind before getting a loan will prevent you from regretting your step.

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