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Best SIP Mutual Funds With 5-Star Rating To Invest In 2023

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Mutual funds have become one of the easiest ways to earn money by investing. It has grown over the years and caught the attention of a lot of people during the pandemic. Last year, in 2022, mutual funds gave decent returns to their investors. This happened due to a record-breaking breach of 63000 points by Sensex. Due to this, a lot of new common masses are interested in becoming investors in mutual funds. Are you one of the new inverters? Do you want to know about 5-star rated mutual funds to invest in in 2023? Read about the equity mutual fund SIPs given below. These are some of the SIPs that have the most potential to grow and make your portfolio better.


Quant Small Cap Fund

This mutual fund is a small cap that is rated well by many analyst and finance portals. Trading platform sites like Value Research, Groww, and Morningstar have given 5-star ratings to this SIP. Not only by them, but Crisil also has given it a Number 1 ranking.

When Quant Small Cap Fund is compared to its peer group, it has given fantastic results. It has provided many superior returns than similar funds. It has shown fantastic annualized returns of 55% in the last 3 years. The top holders of the fund include ITC, Ambuja Cements, IRB Infra, and Himachal Futuristic. These are very big names of investors showing their trust in this fund.

People who are keenly interested in investing in this mutual fund will have to start a SIP of a minimum ₹5000 per month. If you want to deposit a lump sum amount at once, the minimum investment should be more than ₹5000.

This mutual fund has a high chance of giving good returns, but it also comes with an increased risk. You have to be careful as an investor when you are investing in this mutual fund.

Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund

Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity fund generally invests its money in large-cap stocks. Hence this equity fund is a large-cap mutual fund in which the returns are generated over more extended periods. This fund is rated 5 stars by different trading platforms like Value Research ET Money and Groww.

This fund holds good quality stocks and maintains its portfolio correctly. It has stocks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, etc., which makes the portfolio of this phone very promising. 19% of analyzed basis returns have been by this fund for 3 years. While considering the last years, it has shown a 16% return. Around ₹8500 crores of assets are under the management of this fund. This may be a little less compared to the other pear funds of this equity fund. This is a long-term mutual fund; hence there is significantly less risk, and it grows consistently yearly.

Axis Midcap Fund

Unlike Quant Small Cap Fund and Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity, Axis Midcap Fund is largely Midcap, as the name suggests. It means the stocks in the profile of an access midcap fund are very much diversified. The portfolio contains both risky, short-term stocks as well as safe long-term stocks.

Platform slide Morningstar and Value Research have rated this fund as 5 stars. This fund has invested its 92% of holdings in equities. Companies like ICICI Bank Cholamandalam and Tarent are among the top holders of this fund.

Starting SIP in this fund becomes easy as the minimum amount to start is ₹100 only. If investors want to invest a lump sum amount, then the minimum deposit should be more than ₹500. This fund has shown a consistent 22% return in an annualized manner for 3 years. If you are an investor and planning to invest for the long term, this can be an excellent fund to consider for investment.


Investing in mutual funds is a risky business. Read the terms and conditions and the schemes properly before investing in mutual funds. The mentioned funds are based on research and analysis. This does not guarantee you any returns. Any losses caused due to the above information in the article will not be the responsibility of the Author.

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