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How to Get CIF Number for Indian Bank?

Allahabaad bank Customer ID CIF Number
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Note:  The process for getting Allahabad Bank CIF number will be same as getting CIF Number Indian Bank. Now Allahabad Bank has become part of the Indian Bank after the amalgamation process. From April 2020 all the Allahabad bank customers will be considered as Indian Bank customers. All the methods are mentioned below.


What is CIF number?

CIF stands for Customer Information File Number. It is a unique 11 digits number associated with each bank’s customer. It is actually a file number saved in the bank’s computer which contains all the personal details as well as the account details of the customer. This information includes KYC documents, Account Numbers, Photo ID, Signatures etc. CIF number helps banks to keep track of their customers.

This file also includes loan details, Transaction details, and Demat Account details. According to the CIF number bank segregates its customers and sell services.

How to Know CIF Number for Indian Bank?

There are seven different methods by which you can find your Customer Identification File Code in Indian Bank. Let us discuss these methods in detail.

Method 1: How to Find CIF Number for Indian Bank Online by Indian Bank Website?

Customer ID Indian Bank
Indian bank Customer ID
  • Enter your Indian Bank Account Number and Registered Mobile Number
  • Enter text, shown in image (Captcha)
  • Now Click on “Send OTP”
  • On the next screen you have to enter the OTP, received on your registered mobile number
  • After completing these steps you will get your CIF number on the screen
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Method 2: How to Check CIF Number for Indian Bank in Passbook?

Indian bank CIF number in passbook
  1. Get your Indian Bank Passbook and open very first page.
  2. Among other details like your Name, Account Number, D.O.B you will get your CIF Number Indian Bank.
  3. Save it for future uses.
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Method 3: Get CIF Number of Indian Bank via Cheque Book

  1. Open first page of your Indian Bank Cheque Book.
  2. With all other details like your Name, Account Number etc you will find your CIF number.
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Method 4: How to know CIF Number for Indian Bank by Calling Customer Care?

  1. Call the Indian Bank Customer Care Number 1800 4250 0000 by your registered mobile number.
  2. Customer Care Executive will ask some details like your Name, Account Number, Aadhaar Number etc.
  3. After verifying the authenticity of customer they will provide your CIF Number/Customer ID in Indian Bank.

Method 5: Get CIF Number of Indian Bank without Passbook by Visiting Indian Bank Base Branch

  1. Visit your Indian Bank Base Branch with your Photo ID or any other KYC document linked with your Indian Bank Account.
  2. Tell your query to a bank official.
  3. After verifying your details they will provide your CIF Number of your Indian Bank Account.
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Method 6 :  How to find CIF Number for Indian Bank using Account Statement Online?

  • Open Indian Bank Mobile App – IndOASIS
  • Login into the app using PIN.
  • At the bottom of the app, you will find M-Passbook option
CIF number in Indian bank via account statement
  • Now on the next page select your account and click on “View” to see your transactions.
  • Then click on the PDF icon or Mail icon available next to the View button.
  • After downloading/getting the PDF you can open it.
  • The Password to open Indian Bank Account statement PDF file is your Indian Bank Account number.
  • At the top of the PDF file you will get your CIF Number Indian Bank.
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Method 7 : How to know Indian Bank CIF Number Online using Internet Banking?

  1. Login into Indian Bank Internet Banking Portal
  2. After login into portal, you will get “My Account” section.
  3. Under this click on “Accounts” and then click on “Summary”.
  4. This section contains your basic account details.
  5. Among all the details you will get your CIF number as under the “Primary CIF” title.
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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Indian bank balance enquiry number?

You can check your Indian Bank Account Balance by giving missed call on these numbers
081087 81085 / 092895 92895

What is full form CIF?

CIF stands for Customer Identification File. It is a unique file number assigned to each customer of bank. This 11 digits number contains all the personal and account information of bank customer.

What is CIF Number Indian bank

Similar to other banks Indian Bank too assign a unique 11 digits number to each of its customer to identify their customers and keep track on their banking activities.

Is Customer ID same as CIF?

Yes, Customer ID is same as CIF number. Some banks use term CIF Number instead of Customer ID for their Internet Banking Login but they both are same.

Is IFSC code same as CIF?

No, IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code. It is a unique 11 digit number assigned to each bank branch. Whereas, CIF stands for Customer Identification File Number which is again an 11 digit number but assigned to each bank customer by their bank to identify each customer uniquely.

How can I get CIF number without passbook?

You can visit your base branch with any KYC document linked with your bank account & a photo ID and can request for CIF number to bank officials.

Is CIF Number same for all banks?

No, for each bank it is different. Let us assume you have two different bank accounts in two different banks. Then your record with each bank will be saved with different customer ID / CIF number. It means you have to use different customer ID/CIF number to access Net baking/Mobile Banking of both the banks differently.

Does CIF number change?

No, CIF remains same for each customer. It can not be changed. You can have more than one account in the same bank but your CIF number will be same under which you can maintain all your bank accounts.

Can I get CIF number online?

Yes, by using Internet banking and Mobile banking you can find your CIF number/Customer ID online.

How can I get my bank statement online without internet banking?

You can use Mobile Banking and can download your bank account statement easily. It will be in PDF form and will be password protected. You should know about the password from bank official site.

Where to find CIF Number in Indian Bank Passbook?

When you open Indian Bank Passbook on the very first page of your passbook where all your account and personal details are mentioned, you will find your CIF Number.

How to find IFSC/MICR/Branch Code of Indian Bank?

You can know these using link IFSC/MICR/Branch Code of Indian Bank. Erstwhile Allahabad customers can get their new IFSC Number by using the same link.

Final Word

We hope this guide helped you find you CIF Number /Customer ID of Indian Bank/Allahabad Bank. If you still face any issues you can find the nearby branch of Indian bank by clicking Indian Bank Near Me and can visit there to get any kind of help. You can also comment below for further assistance we will try to answer your query asap.

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