How to Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement?

HDFC Mini Statement on Phone
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If you are searching the ways to get HDFC Bank Mini Statement on Mobile then this article is for you.

HDFC Bank facilitates its customers with different online and offline services. With the help of Digital Banking Services now it has become easier to manage bank account-related tasks than past.

With the help of this, you can perform different tasks without even going to a bank branch. These activities include Fund Transfer, Generate HDFC Bank ATM/Debit Card PIN, Manage Credit Card, etc.

In this article, you will get to know about the procedure to get an HDFC bank Mini Statement on phone via Online and Offline methods. But this statement includes only the last 5 transactions done in your account. If you want a complete detailed statement then you can download HDFC e-Passbook online. In which you can get the statement for up to 10 years.


Requirements to get HDFC Bank Mini Statement on Mobile

  • Firstly, you must have registered with HDFC Net Banking and/or HDFC Mobile Banking
  • You should have a Registered Mobile Number
  • Secured Internet Connection

Methods to get HDFC Bank Mini Statement on your phone

You can check/get HDFC Bank Mini Statement by using various methods. Which include:

Method 1: Get Mini Statement HDFC Bank Using Toll free Number

Method 2: Check HDFC Mini Statement by Sending SMS

Method 3: Mini Statement HDFC Bank by Sending Email

Method 4: HDFC Bank Mini Statement Via Missed Call Number

Method 5: HDFC Bank Statement via HDFC Mobile App

Method 6: Download HDFC Bank Statement Online Using Net Banking

Method 7: Get HDFC Account Statement by visiting ATM

Method 8: Get the HDFC bank statement from 10 years ago by post using Net Banking

Let us discuss these all methods in detail.

Method 1: How to get HDFC Bank Mini Statement via Toll-Free Number?

In this method, all you need to do is to call HDFC Mini Statement Number 1800-270-3377.

You can directly communicate with the customer care executive and get details about the last 5 transactions done in your HDFC Bank account. This HDFC mini statement number is free of cost and available 24X7 for the customers

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Method 2. How to Check HDFC bank Mini Statement by SMS?

In order to get the details of the last 5 transactions of your HDFC Bank Account, you can send an SMS and instantly you will get the details on your mobile in the form of a text message. HDFC mini statement SMS number is 5676712.

Just write “TXN” and send it to “5676712

You have to send this SMS only from the mobile number which is linked with your HDFC Bank account

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Method 3. How to Check Mini Statement in HDFC via Email?

Though at the time of opening HDFC Bank, if you have registered yourself for the Monthly Email Statement service, you will get your account Statement on your mail ID every month. But if you want it at any other time then you can follow some simple steps:

  • Login to your HDFC Bank Net Banking.
  • Click on “Accounts“.
  • Select “Request” and click on “Email statement
  • After receiving email you can download HDFC Bank Mini Statement

But for availing of this service firstly you need to register your email id in HDFC Bank Account. Only then you will get the mini statement by Email

Method 4. Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement by using Missed Call Number

In order to get details of the last 5 transactions, you can use HDFC Bank Missed call service. For using this service you need to follow some below-mentioned simple steps:

  • From your registered mobile number you have to dial HDFC Missed Call Mini Statement Number –18002703355
  • The call will be disconnected automatically and instantly you will get Mini Statement by SMS on your mobile

Note: This is the HDFC Mini statement toll-free number for all HDFC bank customers.

Method 5. How to Get HDFC Mini Statement online by using Mobile App?

  • Firstly, login into HDFC Bank official Mobile App using HDFC Customer ID and Password. If you have not registered yourself for HDFC mobile banking then Register and Login for HDFC Mobile Banking at first.
  • Now tap on the account balance showing on the screen.
  • Then click on the “Statement” option.
  • Here you will find your account’s Recent Transactions.
  • If you want to download a copy of this then you can click on the “Request Statement” option and download the statement on your Mobile Phone.
  • Also you can select “Email” option to get HDFC Bank Mini Statement on your mail id.
  • Then you can download HDFC Bank Mini Statement easily by email.
  • You can get upto 5 years of transaction details in HDFC.
You can download HDFC Bank Mini Statement in different formats like “PDF”, “XLS” and “TEXT”

Method 6. How to get HDFC Bank Mini Statement Online By using Internet Banking ?

  • Go to HDFC Bank Net Banking Portal.
  • Login into HDFC Net Banking using User ID/Customer ID and Password.
  • Click on “Accounts” and select the account number for which you want Mini Statement.
  • Click on “View” button present adjacent to the account number.
  • Now few last transactions will be shown on your screen.
  • Also you can download the Mini Statement by clicking the “Download” Button present at the bottom of the screen.

Method 7. How to Check HDFC Mini Statement through visiting ATM?

  • Visit to your nearby HDFC ATM outlet.
  • Insert/Swipe your ATM/Debit Card.
  • Enter your 4 Digit PIN.
  • Select “Mini Statement” option.
  • You will see the last 3 transactions on your screen
  • Also you can take a print of your Mini Statement.

Method 8: Get HDFC bank statements from 10 years ago via post (apply using Net Banking)

  • Log in to HDFC Net Banking using HDFC Bank Customer ID and Password
  • Now on the left-hand side, you will get the “Request” option
  • Select ‘A/c Statement – Last 10 Years’ from the drop-down menu
  • Select the Account number of HDFC and the period of time for which you want details of transactions
  • Click on “Continue” and the “Confirm”
  • Your account statement will be sent to your registered address which you will get within 4 working days
  • Also, an email will sent on updated hdfc email id with your bank account within a day.


How can you download HDFC mini statement?

By using HDFC Net banking you can download HDFC mini Statement. Under the “Account” section. Click on “view” and then on the “Download” button. For step by step process read the article

How can I get the bank statement of HDFC from the mobile app?

You can log in to the app and then click on your account balance showing on the screen. Then click on “Statement” then click on “Request Statement” and select the duration of the statement and click on “Confirm”. Read the article for full step by step details

How can I see my last 5 transactions?

By choosing any of the above-explained methods you can get the last 5 transactions in HDFC bank. You should have your registered mobile number with you.

Final Words

In this article we discussed different methods to get HDFC Mini Statement like Using Toll-free Numbers, Sending SMS, Sending Emails, Dialing Missed Call numbers, via HDFC Mobile App, Using Net Banking, and Visiting ATMs. You can opt for any of these according to your convenience. If you are not technically sound then simply you can visit your Home Branch and get your passbook printed to know about the last few transactions of your HDFC Bank Account


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