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How to Block Canara Bank ATM?

Canara ATM Debit Card Block Online
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Numerous methods can help you to Block Canara Bank ATM Card. But it is totally up to you which option you will go with. But you must proceed it in the nick of time. An unauthorized transaction after losing ATM Card or Debit Card, can result in abolishing all your nest egg.

Tap and Pay cards are in trend nowadays, which are issued by almost all the current available banks. VISA powers most of them. Without entering the PIN, making transition by the tap and pay cards, make them more convenient as well as more prone to risk. Although only transaction of up to Rs. 2000 is possible at  one time but still this feature can be misused easily. Canara Bank issues cards that are powered by RuPay also.

Once you get your Canara Bank Card Activated after opening the new Canara bank account you must take care of your card properly because it can be misused easily if falls into wrong hands. So if you have become victim of this mishappening then the first step should be Hostlist your Canara Bank Card immediately.


Methods to Block/Hotlist Canara bank ATM Card

There are methods among which you can choose the most convenient method. All possible methods are:

Let’s discuss all methods in details.

By Visiting your Home Branch

The lost card can be blocked by visiting your branch where the card is issued. Procedure after visiting home branch is:

  1. Visit your Home Branch of Canara Bank.
  2. Give the information to the Bank Officials regarding lost your ATM Card or Debit Card.
  3. You have to provide your 16 digit ATM card number.
  4. Verify your details of the bank account which is linked to that card. E.g Aadhaar linked to Canara Bank and Mobile Number registered with Canara Account etc

Canara Bank Passbook, PAN Card or copy of Aadhaar Card (or any other KYC documents) are required to carry to your bank along with you, as identity proof. Make sure to visit bank during working days and within working hours.

By Calling Customer Care

Steps to Block Canara Bank ATM Card by Dialing Customer Care Number:

Canara Bank provides different services which simply can be availed by calling customer care number like request for Cheque Book, Request for Customer ID, Stop Cheque Payment,etc.

For Blocking your ATM/Debit Card you can also request by calling customer care for that only you have to do is informing them regarding your lost card. Just follow the simple steps and you are good to go.

  1. The toll-free number of Canara Bank is 1800 425 0018, you have to call on this number.
  2. Then Choose the IVR option and proceed to block your lost ATM Card.
  3. Choose the option to talk to a customer care executive and get connected.
  4. Inform them about your lost card.
  5. Provide the necessary details of your lost card to the executive.
  6. Answer the verification questions asked by them like Your Name in Canara Bank Account, bank account number, card number etc.
  7.  At last, your card will be blocked by the executive.

The details include bank account number, your name, your area postal code etc. Also, you must aware of the fact that the customer care executive never asks for your ATM PIN(Personal Identification Number). So, make sure if you get any call regarding your bank services, and they are asking for your ATM PIN, that must be fraudulent.

Make sure that you must have all the required details in hand before calling the customer care executive. The details help to confirm your identity.

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Sending SMS

Steps for Blocking Canara Bank ATM Card by Sending Text Message:

This is the most convenient and the fastest method, by following some simple steps you can block your lost Canara Bank ATM Card. You only need to send a text message from your registered mobile number in the below-suggested format.

  1. CAN {space} HOTLISTDC {space} CARD NUMBER (16 digits)
  2. Send it to 5607060.
  3. Wait for getting confirmation SMS Alert on hot-listing the Card.

This method will work only in case you are using Registered Mobile Number.

Steps for Blocking Canara Bank ATM Card using Internet Banking:

Before using this option for blocking Canara Bank make sure that internet banking is activated at your end. If not activated then you can follow some steps for activating it. Although it is not a good idea to activate it just before blocking you lost Canara Bank ATM/Debit Card.

Because blocking your card must be a priority and some other immediate options can be picked for the same.

Steps for using the Internet Banking option is hereunder:

  1. Visit to the homepage of the official website of the Canara Bank.
  2. Go to the login section and enter your Canara Bank User ID and Password.
  3. After successfully logged in, just click on Request from the top menu bar.
  4. Select Debit Card Hotlisting.
  5. Select the type of debit card which you want to block.
  6. Confirm by clicking, after choosing the right card.
  7. Provide your transaction password and click on Submit button.

Please ensure that you log in to the official website of the bank only, before using your credentials.

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How to Block Canara Bank ATM Debit Card Online using Mobile Banking?

There are two ways to block your Canara Bank ATM Debit Card using CANDI mobile app.

Method 1: How to Block Canara ATM Debit Card using CANDI Mobile App?

  • Download CANDI Mobile App on your phone.
  • Register yourself in the Mobile App.
  • Login into the app using your Passcode.
  • Now tap on the “Cards” option.
  • Select the “Debit Card” option from the Top menu.
  • Now tap on the “Block” section.
  • Here you will get two options Block Temporarily or Block Permanently.
  • You can select between the options according to your choice.
  • Your card will be blocked successfully.

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Method 2: How to Block ATM Debit Card in Canara Bank using Mobile App?

  • Click on “View Your Balance”.
  • Under “Quick Links” select “More Menu”.
  • Now tap on “Cards” option.
  • Select “Manage Debit Card” option.
  • Select Debit card which you want to block.
  • Now choose the option “BLOCK” or “HOTLIST” for blocking your card temporarily or permanently.


What is Canara Bank ATM/Debit Card?

It is a Plastic Card. All Saving and Current Account holders get this from their respective banks for availing different banking services provided at Canara Bank ATM. It contains all the information of a particular Canara Bank Account Holder.

What are the different types of Canara Bank Debit Card?

These are the variants provided by the bank Canara Bank Debit Card (Classic/Standard/Platinum) Canara Bank Business Debit card Canara Bank Campus Debit card

What does PIN (Personal Identification Number) mean?

It is a 4 digit unique number present at the back side of your ATM/Debit Card that helps to access your Canara Bank Account.

I cannot use my Debit Card as the PIN is not legible.

You must contact your Canara Bank home branch and ask to resolve the issue. In case of replacement do not forget to destroy old ATM Card. And after requesting for the new card you can collect it from bank within 7 days.

Is there any limit of transaction for Canara Bank Debit Card?

If you are using Canara Bank Debit Card (Standard/Classic) then the limit for Cash Withdrawal at Canara Bank ATMs will be Rs 40,000 per day and for purchase transaction it is Rs. 1,00,000 per day and for Canara Bank Debit Card(Platinum & Business) Money withdrawal limit is Rs. 50,000 /day and for purchase transaction it is Rs. 2,00,000 /day

What are the charges to be bear for getting fresh Debit Card?

Canara Bank replaces Worn out ATM cards free of cost. But Cards issued in replacement of lost/misplaced card is chargeable and costs Rs.50. Also, Blocking Card charges of Rs. 150 you have to bear in all cases.[

What if my Debit card/ATM is lost/Misplaced ?

You should block your Canara Bank Card as soon as possible for avoiding any suspicious activity. You can use any method explained in the article.

Till which date my Canara Debit Card is valid?

You Canara Bank validity is mentioned on front side of your card under ‘valid thro’

If my lost card is found/traced again can it be reactivated?

Lost Card which once hot listed or blocked cannot be re-activated in any case.

How secrecy can be maintained of ATM PIN?

You should change Canara ATM PIN time to time to ensure the high security of your PIN.

How to change canara bank atm pin online?

You can regenerate Canara ATM PIN online anytime via Net Banking or Mobile Banking.

What are the maximum number of  Accounts which can be linked to my Canara Debit Card?

Max 4 Canara Bank Accounts having same name and capacity can be linked.

How often can ATM PIN be changed?

You can change ATM PIN any number of time.

Under unauthorized uses of ATM card does Canara Bank bear any liability?

No, Canara Bank is not liable to bear any liability in any case.

What is Canara bank debit card CVV number?

On the back side of your Canara Bank ATM Card you will notice 3 digits which are actually a part of 7 digit number. This is CVV no. which helps in online transactions.

Is PAN is compulsory to apply Canara Bank Debit Card?

Yes, PAN Card is must to obtain Debit Card. If you are not having PAN Card then form 60/61 is must to submit.

What is Customer Care Number of Canara Bank ?”

Canara Bank toll free Number is 1800 425 0018 / 1800 103  0018

Is it possible to get an additional Canara Bank Debit Card?

If a customer is having Visa/MasterCard Debit Card then RuPay Debit Card as an additional card can be availed.

Why my Canara Bank ATM/Debit Card is not working properly on ATMs other than Canara Bank ATM?

It may be due to connectivity failure with the other ATM. You can wait till reconnect. Meanwhile, you can try other ATM near by your location

Is there any Insurance cover available for RuPay Debit card?

Accident Insurance of Rs. 1 Lakh for RuPay card and Rs. 2 Lakhs for RuPay Platinum cards is provided by NPCI

How to get Canara Bank Debit Card Tracking ID?

During apply Canara Bank ATM Card online you will get Canara Bank Tracking ID or Reference Number at the end of the procedure.

What should I do if my Canara bank atm card blocked due to the wrong pin?

It will be automatically unlocked after 24-48 hours. You can also activate it again by Canara Bank New PIN generation.

What are Canara bank cash deposit charges?

Cash deposits upto Rs. 100000 it is free. And above it you have to pay Rs. 2 per 1000.

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you in knowing the methods of blocking Canara ATM Debit Card. For any further help you can comment us below. If you face any inconvenience you can use canara public grievance redressal system to complain in Canara Bank

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