How To Block SBI ATM Debit Card Block/Hotlist Online/Offline?

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If you are a State Bank of India customer and seeking to block/hotlist your ATM card after the SBI debit card is lost/misplaced then this article is for you. In this article, we will explain the methods to block the ATM Card of SBI using online and offline methods so that you can block your card immediately just after losing or misplacing it.

There are six different methods explained in this article to deactivate your card with or without using SBI Net Banking. Before explaining each method step by step, Firstly let us understand the requirements of blocking the SBI Debit Card Online or Offline.


Requirements of SBI ATM Card Block

Methods To Hotlist/Block SBI Debit Card

  • Method 1: SBI Debit Card block using Net Banking
  • Method 2: SBI card block online by YONO SBI Mobile App
  • Method 3: Deactivate SBI Debit Card via YONO LITE SBI App
  • Method 4: SBI Block ATM card number by sending SMS
  • Method 5: SBI online ATM block By calling SBI ATM block number (customer care)
  • Method 6: SBI ATM card block through visiting Home Branch

How To Block State Bank of India ATM Card Using Net Banking?

  • Login into SBI Net Banking account using your Username and Password
  • Now click on “e Services” option present at the top nav bar menu
  • Then click on “ATM Card Services
  • Choose “Block ATM Card” option
  • Then choose the account number in which your ATM in linked
  • Now your accaount and ATM details will be shown on screen
  • Then select the ATM Debit Card Number which you want to block
  • After this on the next screen you have to choose the reason for the card block like: Lost/Stolen/Unauthorized Transaction and Add the Remark and click “Submit
  • On the next screen all the details of the ATM Debit Card will be shown on screen
  • Click on “Confirm” to block your SBI ATM Card
  • After this you have to choose the Authentication Method to block your card: Using One Time Password (OTP) / Using SBI Profile Password
  • If you choose OTP method then you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number in SBI which you have to enter on the next screen other wise you have to enter your SBI Profile Password to confirm the blocking of your ATM
  • Now your SBI ATM Debit Card will be blocked and you will get a confirmation message after blocking your card

How to Unblock SBI Blocked ATM Card Using YONO SBI App?

  • Login into YONO SBI App using Using 6 digit SBI MPIN or User ID option
  • Now under the “Quick Links” click on “Service Request” option
  • Now tap on “Block ATM/Debit Card
  • Then enter your “SBI Internet Banking Profile Password
  • Now on the next screen tap on “Block Card” option
  • Select your “Account Number” and the “ATM Debit Card
  • Now select the Type of Block: Temporary/Permanent
  • On the next screen, all the details of your ATM card will be appeared on the screen
  • Click “Confirm” to block the card and

Steps For SBI Online ATM Block by SBI YONO LITE App

  • Download the YONO SBI LITE app and complete the procedure of SBI LITE Registration
  • Now login into app using SBI Yono Username and Password
  • Now tap on “Manage Cards” and then “ManageDebit Cards
  • Now select the “Debit Card Account” (Account number which is linked with the ATM)
  • Then choose the “Debit Card”
  • Now make the services “OFF” which you want to discontinue like ATM Txns, Domestic Uses,International Uses, POS or E-commerce
  • By making the ATM Txns OFF your ATM card of SBI will be blocked temporarily

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How To Make SBI Card Hostlist/Block by SMS?

State Bank of India allows you to control the use of your ATM Debit card by just sending SMS by your registered mobile number. By this method, you can either temporarily ON and OFF the uses of your ATM Debit Card in SBI or can permanently block it.

As you know that ATM card can be used for paying money on different channels like POS, E-Commerce, and International and Domestic Use. You can ON or OFF these services according to your need by just sending an SMS. The format which you need to follow is listed below for various purposes.

1. Steps To Block SBI Debit Card Permanently by SMS

If you want to Block your ATM Debit Card of SBI permanently then send BLOCK<space>Last Four Digit of Your Card Number to 567676

Example: If your Card Number is XXXX XXXX XXXX 4567 then send BLOCK 4567

2. Steps For SBI ATM Block by SMS(Temporary)

If you have misplaced your card or for any other reason want to block your card temporarily then send SWOFF ATM<space>Last Four Digit of Your ATM Card to 9223966666

3. Steps to Block SBI ATM Card by SMS (Temporarily) For Domestic Uses Only

Send SWOFF DOM<space>Last Four Digits of Your ATM Card to 9223966666

4. SBI ATM Block by SMS (Temporary) For International Uses Only

Send SWOFF INTL<space>Last Four Digit of Your ATM Card to 9223966666

5. Block SBI Debit Card by SMS Temporarily For E-Commerce Uses Only

Send SWOFF ECOM<space>Last Four Digit of Your ATM Card to 9223966666

Note: In the same manner by sending an SMS you can Unblock SBI Debit Card later

Steps For SBI ATM Card Block Without Internet Banking by Calling SBI ATM Block Toll-Free Number

The other simple method to block the State Bank of India ATM card is using the customer care number of SBI. SBI provides you with the facility to block your lost or stolen ATM card anytime by just calling the SBI ATM card block customer care number 1800 11 22 11 or 1800 425 3800.

  • All you need to do is call sbi debit card block the customer care number and choose the option to block ATM Card.
  • You will get 3 options to block your card
    • Block your SBI ATM using your Card Number and Registered Mobile Number
    • Block your ATM in State Bank using your Account Number and Registered Mobile Number
    • Talk to a customer care executive to help you to block your ATM Debit Card of SBI
  • Choose the option and provide the asked details and your card will be blocked
  • You will get a confirmation message on your registered mobile number after getting your Debit Card blocked permanently

Deactivate SBI ATM Card by Visiting Home Branch

  • Visit your SBI home branch
  • Take your one Photo ID, one Address proof, Your lost Debit Card Details (If you have), and your SBI bank passbook
  • Give a written application to the bank officials mentioning all the necessary details including your SBI account number, CIF Number of State bank, ATM Card details, etc.
  • After verifying your details your ATM card will be blocked by the bank permanently.

How To Apply for New SBI ATM Card After Blocking Old Debit Card?

After blocking your debit card of SBI permanently have to apply for a new SBI ATM card. For this, you can either use the online Yono SBI new ATM card apply method or can visit the base branch. If you apply for the personalized ATM Debit Card of SBI (Your name will be written on your ATM Debit Card), it will be delivered to your registered address within 7-10 days. On the other hand, if you want your ATM of SBI bank immediately then you can get it from the home branch at the same time after applying it.


How to block my SBI ATM card online?

You can use Net Banking or Mobile Banking (Yono App) to block your SBI card online. Both the methods are explained above in the article.

How to change the PIN in SBI ATM?

You can change the ATM PIN in SBI yourself by using Net Banking or Mobile Banking methods. If you are not willing to use the Net Banking/Mobile Banking method then you can do SBI new debit card pin generation using the SBI ATM Outlet.

How can a blocked SBI ATM card be unblocked?

If your SBI ATM card got blocked due to the wrong PIN then this will be unblocked automatically after 24 hours. And if you blocked your SBI Debit card temporarily due to suspicious activity then you can unblock sbi debit card again. But in the case, you have blocked your card permanently then you can’t unblock it and only you can apply new SBI card now.

SBI Debit card blocked for online transaction?

When you get your ATM card from SBI it comes with limited services. If you want to use online transactions using your SBI ATM card then you have to upgrade access level SBI using net banking or mobile banking. After upgrading the access level to the full transaction you will be able to use the SBI ATM for online transactions.

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you to know the different methods to block SBI ATM card online or offline. If you face any difficulty in any of the methods you can call the SBI Customer care toll-free numbers 1800 1234, 1800 11 2211, 1800 425 3800, 080-26599990 or you can comment below for further queries.


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