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How to Change Name in Canara Bank Account?

How to Change Name in Canara Bank Account?
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Canara Bank is a well known bank among the largest nationalized banks in India. It facilitates its customers with a variety of services to make the banking experience effortless. One such service is Changing Name in Canara Bank Account. In this article, we will be discussing about all the steps by which you can Change Your Name in Canara Bank.


How to Change Name in Canara Bank Account?

There can be plethora of reasons for changing name in Canara Bank Account but before proceeding you should know the proper procedure of Changing Name in Your Canara Bank Account.

Firstly, it is necessary to be noted that your account should be in active state. And you should have all the supportive documents related to your name changing procedure. So, let us see the reasons of changing name.

Reasons of Name Change

Let us see the main reasons for changing name in bank Account

  • Name Change after Marriage(for women).
  • Name Change due to Change in Religion.
  • Name change after Divorce(for women).
  • Name change due to Any other reason.

Steps to Change Name in Canara Bank Account

The process of changing name completes in four different steps/requirements which are mentioned below:

Step 1: Complete all Required Documents

Step 2: Visit your Home Branch along with Required Documents

Step 3: Write Application for changing name and fill the Modification Request Form

Step 4: Submit all the Documents to the Bank Officials.

Step 1: Complete all required documents

Having supportive documents is must to include in the process as it makes the process easy. Some documents which you should have with you while changing name are:

Marriage certificate: For the females who want to change their name after their marriage.

Divorce certificate: For those women who want to change their name as their maiden name after their divorce.

Gazetted Notification / Affidavit /News paper Publication: If you are changing name for other reasons.

Other Documents: Your Aadhar Card and/or Pan Card with your New Name printed on.

Step 2: Visit your home branch along with required documents

After gathering all the necessary documents the next step is to visit your home branch along with them and tell the bank officials about your requirements.

Step 3: Write Application for changing name and fill the Modification Request Form

In this step you have to submit a hand written application to the Branch Manager along with the Modification Request Form provided by bank. For writing Application you have to include the details mentioned below.

  • Your full Name (Current Name) .
  • Your bank Account number and Customer Id.
  • Your appropriate reason for changing name.
  • Your contact details (Your register mobile number, email address, Residential Address).
  • Your New Name and Old name in full.
  • Your Signature at the of Application.

And fill the Modification Request Form properly ( Please read the instruction before filling your details in the form)

Step 4: Submit all the documents

At last you have to submit all the above mentioned documents to the concerned Bank official.

Note: Before submitting your all documents please assure that each and every supportive document should be self attested by you.

In the End, Bank Executive will verify your details and will provide an acknowledgement of your application. Afterward, Canara Bank will  update your name in their records. A confirmation of your name change will be sent to you via sms (on your registered mobile number) and/or email address you mentioned in your application

Note: After getting your name changed confirmation the next step always should be to change your name in Passbook as well as in Cheque book.

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