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How to Check Balance in Canara ai1 Mobile App?

How to Check Balance in Canara ai1 Mobile App
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This year in 2022 in the month of July Canara bank came up with its new advanced mobile app named Canara ai1. Now many questions Canara Bank customers are having in their minds like what is Canara ai1 meaning, Canara ai1 full form, Canara ai1 app how to use, how to activate canara ai1, etc. If you also need to know the Canara ai1 app features and benefits then you must know this single application is the one-stop solution for more than 250 different banking features and the clear motive behind the all-in-one integrated application is to eliminate the uses of different available mobile apps.

Canara ai1 super app has many advanced features. Among the Canara, ai1 app features are improved UI/UX which is easy to adapt for every age group, and also it gives the freedom to users to choose from various theme options. It too includes the dark theme option and has great battery conservation properties.

In out previous posts related to Canara Bank we discussed canara bank debit card tracking method and canara bank positive pay system. and now we will talk about the different features of the newly launched Canara Bank ai1 app and Canara ai1 app and how to use, it in our upcoming posts here we will help you out with how to check balance in canara ai1 app.


How to download ai1 Canara bank mobile app?

If you are looking for the Canara ai1 apk then you can download it by clicking the button given here. If you are an Android Mobile user then click on the “Android” button for the Canara ai1 app download apk and if you are an Apple phone user then click on the “Apple” button for the Canara ai1 bank app download.

Method 1: How to do the Canara ai1 balance check without login?

  • Download the Canara ai1 mobile application from Play Store/ Apple Store
  • Now complete the registration in the Canara ai1 app
  • Now open the Canara ai1 application on your mobile
  • On the main screen of the app, you will get the “View Balance” option
  • Click on the “View Balance” option
  • A screen will pop up with two options
  • One option will show the status of your “Quick View Balance/Mini Statement” i.e “ON
  • And another option for “Select an Account
    • If you get only one option “Quick View Balance/Mini Statement” i.e “OFF” then you have to follow the steps explained here under Method 2
  • Click on the “Select an Account” option
  • Then a list of bank accounts that you possess in the Canara will be visible
  • Here you have to choose the Canara Bank Account in case you have more than one bank account.
  • On the next screen, you will get the account balance along with the last 5 transactions/ Mini statement of your Canara Bank account.

Method 2: Canara ai1 app balance check in one click?

  • You need to follow some steps to check the balance in Canara ai1 app directly from the outside of the app
  • Firstly login into the app using your Canara Bank 5 digit Passcode or the biometric option
  • Now on the main dashboard, you will get different Canara ai1 features like “Pay and Transfer”, “UPI”, “LifeStyle”, “Deposits”, “Bharat Bill Pay”, “Loans”, “Accounts and Services”, “Cards”, “Social Security Schemes”, “GST & Other Taxes”, “Invest & Insure” and “Other Services”
  • If you Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will find the option of “Other Services
  • Under this section, you will get the “My Services” option
  • Click on the “My Services” option and change the status of “Quick View Balance/Mini Statement” from “OFF” to “ON” by entering your 6-digit Canara Bank MPIN
  • Now the steps to check balance in canara ai1 app are done and if you come out of the app and click on the “View Balance” option the balance of your current/saving bank account will be visible over there. Only you have to select the bank account if you are having more than one bank account in the Canara Bank.

Method 3: How to check bank balance in Canara ai1 app after login?

  • Download the Canara ai1 mobile application on your mobile
  • Complete the steps of registration in the Canara ai1 app
  • Now open the Canara ai1 application on your mobile
  • Enter your 5 digits Passcode of the app for the Canara ai1 login
    • Note: It is the same 5 digit Passcode that you set in the previous version of the Canara bank CANDI Mobile App
  • Also if Biometric Login is enabled in your Canara ai1 mobile app then you can directly login into the app using the biometric option
  • Now after login into the app on the top of the main dashboard under the “My Portfolio” option you can check your balance
    • If there are no such details available under the “My Portfolio” option then click on the red colored button available at the bottom left corner of the “My Portfolio” section
  • Make this “On” and click on the “Refresh” button
  • Now you can see the total amount available in all your Canara Bank Accounts along with the total deposits F.D/R.D amount.
  • Now by clicking on these options you can check the detailed and individual account balance and deposit amount.

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Canara ai1 app not working

If Canara ai1 has stopped working on your phone or Canara ai1 not working then go to the play store/apple store and type the Canara bank app you will get the option of Canara ai1 to click on it and go to the What’s New section. Here you will find an email id and a customer care number if you need any technical help related to the Canara Bank ai 1 app

Is the Canara ai1 app safe or not?

Yes, the newly launched Canara ai1 app is equipped with many security features like detection of remote administration tools, device binding, and malware detection besides these it also has a dynamic keyboard, etc. So the Canara ai1 app is safe to use

Final Words:

We hope this guide helped you in ai1 Canara bank balance check process. If you have read the whole post and liked it please share the information with your friends who are also a customer of Canara Bank. Also, if you have any doubt regarding any of the features of the newly launched Canara ai1 app you can comment below or can search “” on google and check out the all related articles of Canara Bank.

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