How To Download SBI Passbook Online With/Without Net Banking?

e statement sbi download online
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If you want to download the SBI passbook online then this article is for you. Earlier you can easily get SBI mpassbook apk App to download the e-statement of SBI but now this option is unavailable. Now you can download this using the five different ways explained in the article.

In our last article, we explained the process of SBI Yono Lite Profile Password Reset and now in this article, we will explain six different methods to get SBI account statements including Online and Offline modes.


Requirements to Download State Bank of India Passbook

  • SBI Internet Banking Credentials (Username and Password): If you want to download SBI e Passbook through Net Banking
  • SBI Yono App: If you want to use SBI Official App to view/download the SBI passbook
  • SBI Quick App: If you want to check or download SBI account transactions details without using internet banking
  • Registered Mobile Number with SBI: To receive OTP
  • Registered Email ID: To receive e-statement on email ID

Method 1: Check/Download SBI Passbook PDF via Internet Banking

  • Go to SBI’s official website and visit the Personal Banking portal
  • Now login into your internet banking account using your SBI Net Banking Username and Password
  • Now enter the One Time Password(OTP) which you will receive on your registered mobile number
  • After logging in to your SBI Net Banking Account click on “My accounts and Profile”
  • Then click on the “Account Statement” option
  • Now select the Account Number for which you want to view/download sbi mpassbook
  • Now select the option among “Date”, “Month”, “Last 6 Months” and “Financial Year”
  • Now choose the option for e-statement of SBI “View”, “Download in MS Excel Format” or “Download in PDF Format”
  • Then click on the “Go” button
  • Now save your file to your PC/ Laptop
  • SBI Passbook details are successfully downloaded now you can open it and view the details of the transactions

Method 2: How to Get SBI Passbook Online Without Internet Banking Using SBI Quick App?

  • Download the SBI Quick App on your phone
  • Open the App (No need to login)
  • Now click on the “Account Services” option
  • In this list of options, you will find the “6-month e-Statement” option
  • Here you will find two icons to get SBI passbook details online
  • Using “Internet” or “Message”
  • Method 1: If you choose the “Internet” option then you have to enter your “Account Number” and create a “Passcode” using any 4 digits( Sequential Numbers are not allowed)
  • Now select the “Date Range” and click on the “Submit” button
  • Your request will be accepted and your statement will be sent on your registered email ID with SBI.
  • You can open the pdf file using the Passcode you set at the time of creating a request for mpassbook SBI online
  • If you do not have an email registered with SBI then firstly you should Link your Email ID with your SBI Bank Account
  • Method 2: If you choose “Message “option then you have to enter your account number and then create a 4 digit Passcode which will be used as a password to open the pdf file
  • Then click on the “Submit” button and you will receive your SBI online passbook on your registered email ID
  • You can download the pdf file of the SBI bank passbook and can open it using the Passcode
  • All the entries of sbi passbook you will find in that PDF file

Method 3: Download State Bank of India e Passbook via SBI Official Website

  • Go to SBI official website
  • Now under the “Personal Banking” section click on the “Yono SBI” option
  • Now enter your SBI Yono Username and Password
    • If you have forgotten your credentials then you can Reset SBI Yono Username and Password easily and then can proceed to the next steps
  • After entering the Captcha image code click on “Log In”
  • Enter the One Time Password(OTP) which you will receive on your registered mobile number
  • Tap and select the bank account for which you want to download the State Bank of India Passbook
  • All the current transactions of your SBI bank account will be shown on the screen
  • You will find two icons on the top of the transactions list Passbook icon and an Email icon (📧)
  • If you want to download/check the online passbook of SBI on your phone then choose the passbook option otherwise choose the email option to get and download the SBI bank statement in PDF on your registered email ID
  • This is the way to get an online passbook for SBI

Method 4: Steps to Download SBI Passbook Online through YONO SBI App (SBI Passbook App)

  • Download SBI Yono App and open it on your phone
  • Now login into SBI YONO App using SBI Yono Username and Password
  • Now tap on the “Accounts” option
  • You will then sbi passbook balance check option and your accounts list in SBI
  • Tap on the SBI Account for which you want to view and download SBI Passbook
  • Under the “Transactions” tab you will find the list of all the current transactions done in your account
  • On the top of the transactions list you will see two different options to get a passbook statement online
  • First is the Passbook icon and the other is the Email icon (📧)
  • You can download the PDF of m Passbook of SBI by clicking on the Passbook icon and you can find this PDF in the Documents folder of your phone
  • And if you want to download/see the SBI passbook online using your email ID then you can click on the Email ID option.
  • In this method, you receive an email in which your PDF file of account statements will be attached.

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Method 5: Steps to Check/Download State Bank of India Statement in YONO LITE SBI App

  • Download and Register into SBI Yono Lite App using your SBI Debit Card
  • Open the SBI Yono LITE app on your mobile
  • Now tap on the “My Accounts” option
  • Then click on the “View/Download Statement” option
  • Select the Account now
  • Then choose the Date Range for transactions by filling in Start Date and End Date
  • Click on “View” to see the transactions and/or “Download” for the SBI e-statement download
  • If you download the PDF on your phone then use 11 digit account number without starting zeros to open the PDF file it will be your SBI PDF Statement Password.

Method 6: Other Ways to Get SBI Passbook Statement

Apart from the above mentioned ways to get SBI e Passbook online you can also get your passbook details by using offline mode. In this method, you have to visit the SBI branch and follow the steps given below. And you can easily get the details of all credit and Debit details of your bank account.

Steps To Get SBI Passbook Details Without Login Into Net Banking by Visiting Branch

  • Visit SBI Home Branch
  • Ask for SBI Passbook Application Form (Customer Request Form)
  • Fill in all the details asked in the form Under Statement Section
  • Choose the date range of transactions
  • Handed over the duly filled SBI Customer Request Form to the bank official
  • Then you will get the printed copy of your bank account statement of SBI
  • You may levy some charges from this facility which will be deducted from your bank account automatically


How to get a passbook online of SBI?

You can use SBI Net banking or Mobile banking method to get your SBI bank account passbook online. Read the steps explained in the article and you can easily download the statement on your mobile/PC.

How can I get the SBI passbook through SMS?

You can not get full transaction details by SMS but yes last 5 transactions of the SBI bank account can be received on phone by using the SMS banking service of SBI. Send a Message “MSTMT” or give Missed call to 9223866666  and you will get an SBI Mini Statement of the last 5 transactions done in your bank account via SMS.

How do I check my SBI account details?

You can log in to your SBI account using Net Banking or Mobile Banking and check the details of your account. Also, you can get your account details on your SBI Passbook first page where all the detail of the customer is printed.

How can I get SBI transaction details?

If you want full transactions of a Month or 6 Months then you can get it by using any of the methods explained in the article. If you want to know about only the last 5 transactions done in SBI then you can get it by sending the Message “MSTMT” or giving a Missed call to 9223866666 and you will get the SBI Mini Statement by SMS.

How to see the passbook in Yono SBI?

Login into SBI Yono App and go to the “Accounts” section where you have to choose the account for which you want to check the passbook details. Now you will see the list of debit and credit transactions done in the account.

How to print/Update/Entry passbook in SBI?

There are two ways to print your SBI passbook. First, you can go to your home branch and get your SBI passbook printed and the other method is you can find the SBI passbook printing KIOSK machine near you and can print your SBI Passbook yourself. But you must have a unique BarCode printed on the first page of your SBI passbook. If it is not printed then you can get it printed at your home branch.

How to Upgrade Access Level in SBI?

If you want to avail of all the banking facilities of SBI digitally then you have to change the access level from “View Only” to “Full Transactions” level and for this, you can upgrade access level in SBI by using net banking and/or Mobile Banking (using SBI Yono) app.

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Final Words

We hope this guide helped you in knowing the ways to download the SBI’s passbook online. If you face any problem in any method you can comment below also you can take help from SBI customer care executives by calling on SBI toll-free number 1800 425 3800.


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