How to Find Forgot HDFC Customer ID Online/Offline?

HDFC customer id know
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If you are an existing customer of HDFC Bank and want to know your Customer ID in your HDFC Bank account or a new customer and forgot the customer ID after HDFC online account open then in this article you will read step by step guide for how to get HDFC customer id for new users and/or existing customers.

In our previous articles on HDFC Bank, we discussed how to remove beneficiary in HDFC and how to generate ATM PIN for HDFC Debit card through SMS and know in this article we will explain the methods b which you can obtain your customer id of HDFC bank. Firstly we will tell you the requirements and then will discuss all the methods in detail.


Methods to know Customer ID in HDFC Bank

  • Online Methods
    • HDFC customer id generate/retrieve using Net Banking Portal
    • Find HDFC customer id online using Mobile Banking App of HDFC
    • know your HDFC customer id by e passbook statement of HDFC
  • Offline Methods
    • Search HDFC customer id on Passbook
    • HDFC customer id on Cheque book
    • HDFC customer id check in Welcome Kit/Letter
    • HDFC customer id, know through Calling Customer Care

Requirements to check HDFC Customer id

  • HDFC Mobile Banking Application: If you want to find your Customer ID using HDFC Mobile app
  • Your Registered Mobile Number
  • PAN Card Number
  • Your D.O.B
  • Your HDFC Registered Email Address: If you want to get your Customer ID in your account e statement of HDFC bank
  • HDFC Passbook/ Cheque Book/ Welcome Kit: To check your HDFC customer id no via offline methods

Online Methods to find out customer id of HDFC account

There are three online methods by which you can get your HDFC customer id. These methods are Net Banking Portal, Mobile Banking, and e-statement method. Let us discuss these methods in detail

Method 1: How to Know Customer ID of HDFC Bank Online via HDFC Net Banking Portal?

  • Go to HDFC Net Banking Portal
  • Click on “Forgot Customer ID
  • Now enter the Registered Mobile Number with the country code( for example: For India country code is +91)
  • Then enter your D.O.B (Date of Birth)
  • Now enter your PAN Card Number
  • Then enter the captcha code shown on the screen and click on “Continue
  • On the next screen, you have to Enter the OTP, received on your registered mobile number
  • Click “Continue” and your Customer ID will be shown on the screen

Method 2: How to Check HDFC Customer ID through Mobile Banking?

  • Open HDFC Mobile Banking app
  • Enter your HDFC Mobile Banking Password
  • Tap on “Menu” icon (≡) situated on the top left corner of the screen
  • Now tap on “Your Profile” section
  • Then select “Personal Profile”
  • Your Customer ID in HDFC Bank including your personal details like your Name, D.O.B will appear on the screen

Method 3: How to Get HDFC Bank Customer ID using e Statement?

HDFC provides a monthly e-statement facility to its customers in which customers get the details of the transactions done in their bank account during a span of time. In that statement, all the details of the customers are mentioned on the top including Customer ID. So if you have the monthly e-statement service activated then you can check your email inbox and easily find your customer ID in your e statement of HDFC.

If you have not activated the monthly statement service then you first have to update email id in HDFC Bank and then you can download HDFC e statement online and can get your Customer ID from that statement file.

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Offline Methods to Know Customer ID of HDFC Bank

Offline methods of getting HDFC bank account customer id are the methods in which you do not need to login into HDFC Net Banking or Mobile Banking to access your Customer ID Number in HDFC Bank. In these methods, you can retrieve your Customer Identity Number by using the means like Passbook, Cheque Book, Welcome Letter etc

Method 1: How to Know Customer ID of HDFC Bank using Passbook?

  • Open the First page of your HDFC passbook
  • On the first page you will find all the details of your HDFC Bank account
  • Along with other details like your Name, Address, etc you will find your 9-digit Customer ID in HDFC Bank

Method 2: How to Find HDFC Customer ID in Welcome Kit?

You can also find your Customer ID in the welcome letter you received at the time of opening a bank account in HDFC. HDFC provides the welcome kit to all its new customers. In that kit, customers get Welcome Letter, Passbook, ATM/Debit Card, ATM PIN, Net Banking PIN etc.

In the welcome letter, at the top, you will find the details of your bank account including your 9 digit HDFC Customer ID. Also if you have forgot HDFC account number you can find it here too.

Method 3: How to Obtain HDFC Customer ID using Cheque Book?

If you possess the personalized cheque book of HDFC Bank (personalized cheque book in the cheque book in which your Name and all other details related to your bank account are printed) then you can easily find your HDFC Customer ID in your cheque book of HDFC Bank.

Method 4: Get your HDFC account customer id by calling customer care

In the other method of getting HDFC Customer ID via the offline method, you can directly call the HDFC customer care number and get to know your Customer ID. Follow the listed steps to know your Customer ID in HDFC offline.

  • Find the customer care number of HDFC as per your location
  • Dial the number and follow the IVR instructions to talk to the customer care executive
  • Now you have to tell some information like your Name, Registered Mobile Number, HDFC Bank Account Number etc to confirm your authenticity
  • At last, you will get your HDFC Customer ID by SMS


Can I get my HDFC customer identification number online?

Yes, by using online modes you can get your customer ID of HDFC bank easily. You can use the HDFC net banking portal and by clicking on the “Forgot Customer ID” option you can retrieve your customer ID of HDFC bank. For more step by step, procedure read the above article carefully.

How to get HDFC mini statement online?

You can get HDFC mini statement online by various methods like using SMS, Email, Missed Call, ATM, Mobile App etc. For getting HDFC Mini Statement by Missed call, dial 1800-270-3377.

Can I reset my HDFC customer ID?

No, a Customer ID is a unique identification number provided to each customer individually by the bank. You can neither reset nor do HDFC customer id change in the bank.

Is this safe to share the customer id of HDFC?

It is always suggested to not share your HDFC customer id and IPIN with anyone.

Why is my HDFC customer id is showing invalid?

If you are trying to access HDFC Net banking and using your customer id to login into your account, but seeing the message customer id is invalid it means you have not registered yourself for HDFC Net Banking. So to resolve this issue you have to register HDFC Net Banking first and then you can log in to your account.

How many digits are there in the HDFC customer id?

HDFC Customer ID contains 9 digits. These 9 numbers are unique for each customer.

Are customer id and account numbers the same in HDFC bank?

No, the Account Number and Customer ID are different in HDFC Bank. You can have more than one account in HDFC Bank but your customer ID will be the same.

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you in finding your Customer ID of HDFC bank. If you still have any doubts or queries regarding your banking services you can comment below or type on google and then type your query in the Search Box.


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