How to Generate/Find UPI ID for HDFC Bank Account? | HDFC UPI Money Transfer

How to Generate UPI ID for HDFC Bank Account
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If you are an HDFC Bank customer and seeking how to get UPI ID of HDFC bank or what is the whole process of HDFC UPI ID registration then this article is for you.

In our previous posts we covered, HDFC Debit card PIN generation by SMS and How to download account statement in HDFC now in this article, we will discuss different queries related to HDFC UPI ID. Firstly you will know What HDFC UPI ID is and the method to create UPI id for HDFC bank. Then we will tell the process of money transfer in HDFC using UPI ID. And also tell how to deregister HDFC UPI ID.


What is HDFC UPI ID?

In HDFC, UPI is a method of Instant Mobile Money Transfer using Unified Payment Interface(UPI). In this method, the user uses a unique ID for sending and/or receiving money. The UPI ID usually consists of a customer name or mobile number followed by a ‘@’ sign and the bank name.

HDFC UPI Sample: Customer name/mobile number@hdfcbank

How to Create/Make/Generate HDFC Bank UPI ID?

  • Download and Register into HDFC Mobile Banking
  • Open the HDFC UPI app/HDFC mobile app using your HDFC Customer ID and password
  • Tap on the “Menu” option present in the top left corner
  • Now tap on the PAY” option
  • Then select the UPI Payment” option
  • Now select the “SIM” which number is linked with your HDFC bank account and click on “Verify Mobile Number
  • After verifying your mobile number you will get a verification successful message on your registered mobile number
  • On the next page “Select Account” of HDFC Bank and click on “Continue
  • Now your HDFC UPI activation is completed and your UPI ID in HDFC will be created successfully in the format as given below

HDFC UPI ID Example/Format

HDFC UPI ID contains two-part One before the sign ‘@‘ and another part after the sign ‘@‘. The former part will be your registered mobile number in HDFC Bank and the latter part will be the bank name (HDFC bank)

Example: HDFC UPI ID will look like “99XXXXXXXX@hdfcbank

How to Find/Check/Know HDFC UPI Address?

  • Open HDFC Mobile app
  • Go to the Menu” section
  • Now tap on the Pay” option
  • Then tap on “UPI Payment
  • Under the Your UPI ID” section you will find the UPI ID of the HDFC account in the format/example shown above

How to Transfer Money Using HDFC UPI ID?

  • Open HDFC UPI application (HDFC Mobile App)
  • Tap on the “Menu” option in the top left corner and go to the “Pay” section
  • Now again tap on “UPI Payment
  • Here tap on the “Send Money” option
  • Here you will get three different methods to send money: UPI ID, Bank Accounts and MMID
  • Choose “UPI ID (Unified Payment Interface)
  • On the next page enter the “Payee UPI ID“( UPI ID of the person who will receive money)
  • Now enter the “Payee Name” and “Amount
  • Also, you can “Add Remark” but this is optional and click “Continue
  • Your amount will be sent successfully

Note: You can add this beneficiary UPI ID to your favorite beneficiaries list (the list of beneficiaries that are used to send money often) by clicking on “Add to Favorites“. Also, you can share/download the details of these transaction details

How to Deregister HDFC UPI ID?

  • Open the HDFC Mobile application on your mobile phone
  • Tap the “Menu” section
  • Now tap on the “Pay” option
  • Under the sub-menu option tap on “UPI Payment
  • You will get your UPI ID under the “Your UPI ID” section
  • Just under your HDFC UPI ID, you will get the option “Deregister UPI ID
  • Click on the option and confirm to delink your UPI ID of HDFC Bank

Note: You will not be able to create the same UPI ID again if you disable the current HDFC UPI 


What is the HDFC UPI limit per day for money transfers?

If you are first time using the HDFC UPI method for to transfer money then the limit to transfer money is Rs 5000 within 24 hrs. for your first UPI transaction in HDFC. Then after HDFC UPI’s first transaction limit, it will be Rs. 1 lakh or 10 transactions (excluding Bill payment and Merchant transactions) per bank account within the time of 24 hours (per day).

What are the HDFC UPI charges?

There are no charges for using HDFC UPI payment service up to Rs. 1 lakh transactions

Why I am getting an HDFC UPI ID validation error?

The whole process of HDFC UPI registration must be completed within 30 seconds. If you take more than 30 seconds to complete the process then you will get an HDFC UPI ID validation error.

What do to if my HDFC UPI App not working?

If your HDFC UPI ID App is not working then try to contact your HDFC home branch. There may be some technical error or it can relate to your account status like pending KYC etc.

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Final Words

We hope this guide helped you in finding all the queries related to HDFC UPI ID like how to open a UPI account in HDFC, etc If you have any further queries related to HDFC UPI ID then you can contact HDFC UPI customer care or can search on google and visit the site and type your query in the Search box.


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