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How to Get Customer ID of Canara Bank?

How to Get Customer ID of Canara Bank
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Key Points

  • Customer ID is a unique numeric pattern that is assigned to each Canara Bank Customer
  • Customer ID is a must to have to avail of different services provided by the bank like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, etc.
  • As per Canara Bank’s point of view, Customer ID helps in preventing Money Laundering, Monitoring Financial Transactions, Simplifying the KYC process, etc.

If you are an existing customer of Canara Bank and want to avail the benefits of the Canara Bank Internet Banking service then it is a must to know your Canara bank customer id.


What is Customer ID in Canara Bank?

Customer Id is nothing but a unique numeric series consisting of 9 digits that is assigned to every Canara Bank customer since the account is opened.

Many times customers get confused that “how can I know my customer id in Canara bank” because they actually do not know how to know their Canara Bank Customer Id. If you also fall in that category then this article will assist you with the different approaches of finding your Customer Id.

Methods to getting Canara Bank Customer Id Number

There are different approaches to get your Canara Bank Customer Id. Any method can be chosen according to your ease. These methods are:

  • Method 1: How to find customer id in Canara bank passbook?
  • Method 2: How to get a customer id in Canara bank online using Mobile App – CANDI?
  • Method 3: Steps to know Canara Customer ID using Canara e Passbook App
  • Method 4: How to check Customer ID Canara Bank using Welcome SMS?
  • Method 5: How to know your customer id in Canara bank using Net Banking?
  • Method 6: Where to get the customer id of Canara bank in the Welcome letter?
  • Method 7: how to get a customer id in Canara bank by calling the Customer Care Number?
  • Method 8: How to get a customer id from Canara bank by sending an Email?
  • Method 9: Steps to get Customer ID on cheque book Canara bank
  • Method 10: Steps to find Canara Customer ID in Canara e Passbook PDF
  • Method 11: Know your Customer ID Canara bank by visiting Canara Bank Branch

Let us discuss each and every option in detail

Method 1: How to Check Customer ID in Canara Bank on Passbook?

  • Take your Canara Bank Passbook and open the first page of your passbook.
  • You will get all the details printed on this page like your Account Number, Your Address, Branch Address, IFSC code etc.
  • Now search the title Customer ID and note down your Customer ID.
  • Save this Customer ID at a safe place for using it in the future as well.

NOTE: It is important to collect your Passbook at the time of Canara Bank Account opening online or offline and check all the details on the front page carefully

Method 2: How to Find Customer ID in Canara Bank App – CANDI?

  • Download the Canara Bank CANDI app on your phone
  • Now Register into the CANDI app
  • Now log into the app using your 5 digits Passcode
  • Then click on the “VIEW YOUR BALANCE” option
  • Now click on your Account Balance showing on top of the screen
  • You will then get the details of your Account like your Name, D.O.B, Customer ID, etc.

Method 3: Using Canara bank e Passbook App Find Your Customer ID

  • Download Canara Bank e Passbook App from Play Store or Apple Store
  • Register into Canara e Passbook App and then log in using your 6 Digit MPIN
  • On the main screen click on “Account Details
  • On the next screen, you will get the details of your total balance in the account and your Savings/Current and Term Deposits accounts Details
  • Under the details of your Savings/Current account, you will get your Name, Customer ID ( 9 digits ), and your Canara Bank account number(14 digits)

Method 4:How to Get Customer ID in Canara Bank Without Passbook Using Canara Bank Welcome SMS?

Whenever a new customer joins Canara Bank then after completing all the steps of the Online Canara Bank Account Open process he/she gets the SMS from Canara Bank. In which the Name of Customer, Customer ID, and the Masked Account Number (e.g. XXXXXXXXXXX1234)of the newly open account are mentioned. From that message, you can get your Canara Customer ID.

Method 5: How to Know Your Customer ID in Canara Bank using Net Banking?

  • Register into Canara Bank net banking and then login into your account
  • Now click on the “My Profile” section present on the left-hand side menu
  • Now click on the “View Profile” option
  • All the details of your account will be shown on the screen
  • On top of all information, you will find the “User ID” option which is your Customer ID

Method 6: How to Get Canara Bank Customer ID Using Welcome letter?

When you open a new Saving/Current account in Canara Bank then after completing your account opening process (including completion of your KYC) you will get a Welcome Kit from the Canara bank which consists of your Debit/ATM Card, Cheque Book, and a Welcome Letter. In your welcome letter, you will get all the necessary details like your Account Number, Customer ID, and other important instructions related to your newly opened Canara Bank Account. With the help of this letter, you can get your Canara Bank Customer ID easily.

Method 7: How to Get Canara Bank Customer ID by Calling Customer Care Number?

In order to get your Canara Bank Customer ID by calling the Customer Care number all you need to do is to call Canara Bank toll-free Customer Care number 1800 425 0018 / 1800 103  0018 and follow the few steps which are mentioned below:

  • Call The Customer Care Number and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Talk to the Customer Care Executive and request your Canara Bank Customer ID number.
  • Customer Care Executive will ask some questions for assuring your authenticity like your Date of birth, Your Name, Canara Bank register mobile number, Your Account Number, etc.
  • After completing the verification process Customer Care Executive will send your Customer ID to Canara Bank on your Registered Mobile Number via SMS.

Method 8: How to Get Canara Bank Customer ID by Sending An Email?

If you want to get your Canara Bank Customer ID via Email, simply send an email to your Canara Bank home branch. By clicking on this link you will get the Email ID of your branch. Then you have to write an email mentioning some of your details including Your name, Aadhaar number, Bank Account Number, Home Branch Address, and your Registered Phone Number and request them to send you the Canara Bank Customer ID.

Format of email to get Canara Bank Customer ID is given here under

Respected Mam/Sir,

My name is (Your name) and I am holding a saving/current account in (Your Branch address). I need my Customer ID for (mention your reason). Please provide it as soon as possible. I will be grateful to you.

Thanking You


(Your Name)

(Saving/Current Account Number)

(Aadhaar Number)

(Your Registered Mobile Number)

In the Subject Area of your Email, you have to mention “Request for Customer ID“. It is also mandatory to send the email via your registered Email address only

Method 9: How to get Customer ID in Canara Bank Cheque Book?

If you do not have your passbook with you then you can also get your Customer ID from your Canara Bank without using the passbook. In that case, you can use the Cheque Book for getting to know your Customer/User ID. You have to follow some simple steps mentioned hereunder:

  • Open the first page of your Canara Bank Cheque Book.
  • Check all the printed details carefully.
  • You will get your Customer ID along with your other details like your Name, Account Number, etc.
  • Note down your Canara Bank Customer Id and save it for future purposes also.

You will only get a Customer ID on Cheque Book if it is a Personalized Cheque Book

Method 10: How to know Canara bank
Customer ID using Canara e Passbook PDF Statement?

If you have subscribed to the Canara bank Monthly Statement facility then you can check your customer ID in that PDF file but if you do not subscribe to this facility then you can simply download the Canara Bank e Passbook online by various methods and get your Customer ID from the PDF statement.

Method 11: How to get a Canara Bank Customer ID by visiting Canara Bank Home Branch?

For getting your Customer ID you can also visit your Home branch of Canara Bank where you have to follow some of the following below-mentioned steps to get your Canara Bank Customer ID. These steps are:

  • Firstly, go to your Home Branch of Canara Bank.
  • Then you have to contact Canara Bank officials and request them to provide your Customer ID.
  • You must carry your Aadhaar card, PAN Card (or any other valid ID) with you for your identity verification purpose.
  • After verifying your identity they will tell you your Canara Bank Customer ID.
  • Note it down and save it carefully.

You can also write a request letter for the print copy of the front page of your passbook. In that case, they will provide you a printout of the first page of your passbook in which your customer ID is mentioned with your other details as well.


Is the User id and Customer id the same in Canara bank?

Canara Customer ID and User ID are the same in Canara Bank. So if anywhere it is mentioned to enter your User ID you have to enter your Customer ID

How to know the Canara bank customer id by SMS?

If you choose the customer care option to find your Customer ID at Canara Bank then after following the steps mentioned above you will get your Customer ID by SMS

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Final Words

This is the simplest guide to assist you to obtain your Canara Bank Customer ID. In this article, various methods have been discussed. According to your convenience, you can opt for the method which you feel is the most suitable for you. If at any of the points you face difficulty, you can simply call the Canara Bank Customer Care Toll-free number 1800 425 0018 / 1800 103  0018. Also, you can search on google and type your query in the Search Box.

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