How to Get IPPB Customer ID Online & Offline?

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IPPB account number and customer id are two important things that you should have handy always while availing of any banking service of Post office Bank.

If you are a customer of India Post Office bank and mistakenly forgot or misplaced your Customer ID (CIF No.) of India Post Payments Bank then this article will help you to get your India Post Payment Bank Customer ID from 8 different online and offline methods.

In our previous article related to IPPB, we discussed IPPB passbook download online. And now this article will help you in getting your CIF number in case of IPPB customer id forgot. You can choose any method according to your convenience and easily get IPPB mobile banking Customer ID. Firstly take a look at the requirements to get the India Post Payment bank CIF number and then read the post carefully. Make sure to not skip any steps explained in the methods.


Requirements to Find Customer ID of IPPB Bank

  • The registered mobile number linked with IPPB
  • Passbook
  • Chequebook
  • IPPB Mobile App

Check Your India Post Payment Bank Customer ID Number in Welcome Message

Whenever you open an account in India Post Payments Bank then after completing all the requirements of opening an account in IPPB you will get and welcome message on your registered mobile number (Mobile Number linked with IPPB). In that message, you will get the information of your IPPB account number along with your 10 digits IPPB Customer ID. From this message, you can easily check your customer ID.

How to Know Indian Post Bank Account number and Customer ID via IPPB Passbook?

Every time a new customer opens an account with India Post Payments Bank then they get the new passbook issued by the IPPB. In this passbook, all the details of the customer like Name of customer, Address, Customer ID, etc are printed on the first. If you want to check your India Post Payment Customer id then you can simply get it from the passbook issued by the bank.

Steps to Get IPPB CIF Number by Cheque Book

A personalized checkbook is another method to obtain IPPB bank Customer ID. like the passbook of IPPB, the cheque book’s first page also contains the details of the customer including the IPPB Customer ID Number. So by using your IPPB cheque book you can get an Indian post payment bank forgot customer id. But you must know the thing that only a personalized cheque book contains the details of the customer. Non-personalized cheque books do not provide information about India Post Payment Bank CIF ID.

How to Get Customer ID India Post Payment Bank by IPPB e statement?

You can easily know ippbonline Customer ID in your e passbook. There are many methods by which you can easily find IPPB account customer id. After the IPPB statement PDF download, open the PDF file, and on the top of the file, you can find details of your account like your Name, Account Number of IPPB, Customer ID, etc.

If you already have the Monthly Statement of IPPB facility activated in your account then you can directly go to your registered mail id’s inbox and search for the IPPB statement. There you will find an attachment of your monthly statement. Open the statement and you will get post payment bank customer-id

How to Know Customer ID of India Post Payment Bank by Calling Customer Care Executive?

  • Dial 155299 (Charges apply) from your registered mobile number
  • Now follow the IVR instructions to connect with the customer care executive
  • Then for authentication purposes executive will ask for some information related to your IPPB Account like your Account Number, D.O.B, Father’s Name, Registered Mobile number, etc.
  • After confirming your identity they will tell you your 10-digit IPPB Customer ID Number
  • Note it down to use for future purposes.

How to Find IPPB Customer ID Online Using Mobile Banking?

  • Open IPPB Mobile app using 4 digit IPPB MPIN
  • Then click on the “Services” option present on the dashboard
  • Now scroll down and find the option “Uploads
  • Then on the next screen at the top, you will find your customer id in ippb mobile banking

Note: By using IPPB Mobile App you can get the information about your IPPB account number and customer id if you forgot them. So it is advisable to use the IPPB Mobile Banking service.

Steps to Retrieve Customer ID in IPPB Bank by Visiting Home Branch

If you are among those customers who are in a situation like “I forgot my IPPB Customer ID” and I don’t use Mobile Banking or Internet Banking then how do I get it then for you the easiest option is to visit your base branch of IPPB and request to receive your forgot Customer ID


How do I find my customer ID for IPPB by SMS?

In the case of India Post Payment Bank Customer ID forgot you can obtain it by using online and offline methods explained above in the article but there is no such possible way to get it using SMS

What is the CIF number in IPPB?

CIF stands for Customer Information File Number. It is a unique digits ID provided to each customer. You can have multiple accounts in IPPB but the customer ID will be the same for each account.

How do I get my IPPB Passbook?

You can get your IPPB passbook at your branch. Or if you only want to check the transactions done in your account then you can check your IPPB account transactions details by IPPB bank passbook download

How do I find my CIF number IPPB?

If you want to check your IPPB bank customer id number offline then you can check it in your IPPB passbook, cheque book, welcome SMS, or Welcome letter provided by the bank. Also, if you want to know the details of your account and customer ID online then you can use IPPB mobile app, Net banking, or IPPB e passbook statement to get it.

Are customer ID and CIF numbers the same?

In most cases, Customer ID and CIF numbers are the same. Mainly the banks do not confuse between CIF no. and Customer ID they are the same.

What is IPPB Customer Care email ID?

India Post Payment Bank’s email id is [email protected] If you want to get any information or you want to complain about any service of IPPB bank then you can simply use this email ID and can send an email to the bank.

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you in finding your IPPB missing Customer ID. If you have any doubt you can comment below or can search www.thefinancialblaze.com on google and type your query in the Search Box.


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