How To Get SBI CIF Number Online?

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If you are an existing State Bank of India customer or just open SBI account online or offline, but forgot the CIF number and now want to know the CIF number of your SBI account then this article is for you. In our previous article, we discussed How to reset profile password in SBI yono and How to get SBI passbook online without internet banking now in this article, we will explain different methods to find/know CIF Numbers in SBI Bank.

First, we will tell the requirements of finding the Customer ID (CIF) of SBI bank and then will explain each method in detail. You can opt for either online or offline methods according to your convenience.


What is CIF Number of SBI?

CIF full form is Customer Information Form Number. It is the Identification number of SBI customers. SBI CIF number means the unique identity of every particular customer in the bank. It is also called customer id in SBI and can be found easily in the passbook.

Requirements To Check CIF Number of SBI Bank

  • SBI Passbook ( If you want to check in SBI Passbook)
  • SBI Net Banking Username and Password( If you want to check your CIF Number in SBI using Net Banking)
  • Yono SBI LITE Username and Password (If you want to use the Yono SBI Lite app for SBI CIF number search)
  • SBI Cheque Book (Personalized Cheque Book)

Methods to Know SBI CIF No.

  • Method 1: Check CIF No of SBI account in Passbook
  • Method 2: Check the CIF number in SBI online using SBI Net Banking
  • Method 3: Know the CIF number in the LITE SBI Yono app
  • Method 4: Get the SBI CIF number without a passbook using Online Account Statement
  • Method 5: Get CIF number details in SBI Cheque Book
  • Method 6: Find the SBI CIF number by calling the customer care number
  • Method 7: Get the CIF number from the account number in Home Brach

Method 1: How To Find CIF Number of SBI Bank in Passbook?

  • Open the first page of your SBI Passbook
  • All the details will be printed on the page like your Name, Account Number, Address, etc
  • With all other details, you will find the CIF Number in the SBI passbook printed on the first page
  • Note down your CIF number for future uses

Method 2: How To Find CIF No SBI by Net Banking?

  • Visit SBI Net Banking Portal Complete SBI Net banking registration
  • Enter SBI account using Username and Password
  • Now enter the OTP you received on your Registered Mobile Number in SBI
  • Then on the Dashboard, you will see your account details
  • Under The Account details click the “Nomination and PAN Details option”
  • Your 10-digit CIF number of SBI will be displayed on the screen along with Nominee and PAN details

Method 3: Steps For SBI CIF Number Online Search Using SBI LITE YONO App

  • Download and complete Yono LITE SBI registration
  • Then login into using SBI Yono Username and Password
  • Now on the main screen go to the “Services” section
  • Click on “Online Nomination” option
  • Now select the “Account” and “Account Number”
  • On the next screen, your CIF Number will be shown on screen

Method 4: How To Get CIF Number of SBI Account Without Passbook From Online Using SBI Account Statement?

  • Choose any one method for SBI online passbook download
  • Then download the PDF file on your phone/computer
  • Now open the file using the password
  • Then on top of the downloaded file, you will get all the details like your Name, Account Number with SBI CIF Number.

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Method 5: How To Find CIF Number in SBI Cheque Book?

  • Open the cheque book first page
  • All the details like your Name, Account Number, etc.
  • Also, you will find your CIF number on the cheque book of SBI, printed along with the other details

Note: This option is available only if you are carrying a Personalized Cheque Book. On the other hand, in the Non-Personalized Cheque Book, only the account number is printed

Method 6: Steps To Get CIF No in SBI By Calling Customer Care

If you do not want to use any online method and are also unable to find your SBI CIF Number in your passbook and cheque book then you can simply get it by calling the State Bank of India’s toll-free customer number. The customer care executive will ask for some details and confirm the authenticity of the customer like the Account Holder’s Name, Address, Last 3-5 transactions, etc. And then after verifying the details the CIF Code of SBI will be told by the executive. You can note it down somewhere for future use.

Method 7: How To Know State Bank of India CIF Number by Visiting Home Branch

  • Visit your home branch along with your passbook and ID proof (like your Aadhaar /PAN which you used at the time of SBI KYC update online or offline)
  • Request the bank official for your CIF Number
  • Also, you can make your passbook printed with all the details including your SBI CIF number
  • By this way, you can get your CIF Number of SBI


How to get an SBI CIF number without a passbook?

If you do not find your CIF number of SBI in your passbook then you can simply get it using State bank of India Net Banking or Mobile Banking. Also, You can get your CIF number from your home branch. For a detailed step-by-step procedure of all the methods read the article carefully.

Can I get the CIF number from SBI ATM?

You can register in SBI Internet Banking and/or Mobile Banking with the help of your ATM Debit Card and then you can know your CIF number online. But there is no other direct method to know the CIF number of SBI using an ATM Card.

How to get the CIF number of SBI through SMS?

There is no method to know the SBI CIF number using SMS. You can use any other method to know the SBI CIF Number of your account explained above in the article.

Is the CIF number the same for all accounts?

Yes, the CIF number is a unique number assigned to each customer of the SBI Bank. If you have multiple accounts in SBI then your account number of different accounts will be different but your CIF number will be the same.

Can I find the CIF number of SBI on the ATM card?

No, You will not get your CIF number on your ATM card. State Bank or any other bank never prints the CIF number on Debit Card.

How to change the CIF number in SBI?

You can not change your CIF Number of SBI. It is assigned by the bank to each customer individually and you can not change it ever. All the details of the customers are maintained by the bank, under this CIF number which can not be changed by the customer or the bank itself.

How to unblock an SBI ATM card?

If you block your SBI ATM Card temporarily then you can unblock ATM card in SBI easily using net banking and mobile banking. But if you blocked your card permanently then you can not unblock your ATM, Debit Card. In that case, you need to make a request for SBI ATM apply.

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you to find the CIF number in SBI. For any further queries, you can comment below or can call the State bank of India on the Toll-free number: 1800 11 2211/ 1800 425 3800.


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