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How to Reactivate Dormant/Inoperative Canara Bank Account?

How to Reactivate DormantInoperative Canara Bank Account
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Do you have any Canara Bank Saving/Current Account that you are not operating for a period of around one or more years and want to activate it again?  If yes, then this guide can help you in understanding the proper procedure of activating that account again. These type of accounts are termed as Dormant or Inoperative Account. Once the account becomes Dormant then following procedure the procedure mentioned in this article can help you to activate it again.


Difference between Inoperative and Dormant account

There is a slight difference between Inoperative and Dormant Account. If an account is not being operated for at least 12 months then it is called as Inoperative Account. But if there is no transaction in the account for around 24 months then the account becomes Dormant.

How to Activate Dormant Account in Canara Bank online ?

If you want to reactivate your Canara Bank Inoperative Account then you have to visit your Canara Bank Home Branch where you opened Canara bank account online or offline. To reactivate Dormant account you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Search for Inactive or Dormant Account in Canara Bank

Firstly you must know that if your Canara Bank account is active or inactive. For this every bank provides the facility to its customers to check whether their account is declared as an inactive or dormant by the bank. For this you simply go to the Canara Bank official website and check for the list of Dormant Accounts list in Canara Bank. You can also check it by visiting your Home Branch.

Step 2: Gather Documents needed for KYC

Before revalidation of the Inoperative/Dormant Canara Bank Account you should have some recent KYC documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Photograph or any other document which is requested by the bank.

Note: You have to self attest all these documents before submitting these along with the Application of reactivation of your Canara Bank Dormant Account.

Step 3: Write an Application to the Canara Bank

A requesting written application in the name of Canara Bank Branch Manager, which states the valid reason for non operation of the Inoperative Canara Bank Account, is must to be submitted to your Canara Bank home branch. In the activation letter for dormant account it is necessary to include all your required details like Your Name , Account Number, Customer ID, Date of opening the account (if required) etc.

Format of Application letter for Reactivating Canara Bank Inoperative/Dormant Account is given here under.

Application letter to reopen Dormant account


The Bank Manager,

Canara Bank,

(Your branch address and City name)

Subject:  Requesting for revalidation of the inoperative/Dormant account

Ref: Saving/Current bank account: (Your Bank account number)

Respected Mam/Sir,

My name is (Your Name). I am holding a Saving/Current account in your bank with account number (Your Canara Bank Account number). I have not been using this account for so long because (Your reason for non transaction) and  currently it is declared as Inoperative/Dormant account by the bank.

Now, I wish to reactivate this account again. Kindly accept my request and re-validate my account.

Thank you

Date: (Current Date)                                                                                                        Yours faithfully,

(Your Name as per your bank account)

(Your Customer Id)

(Your Account Number)

(Your signature here)

P.S :  Please find my Aadhar Card and PAN copy attached with this application.

Others ways of Canara Bank Account Reactivation online

Apart from application letter you can also reactivate your canara bank account by using Internet banking and calling customer care

Canara bank account reactivation online using Net Banking

  • Login into Canara bank official website
  • Login via User ID and Password
  • Go to “services”
  • Request for account reactivation

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Canara Bank Account Reactivation by calling Customer Care

You can also call Canara Bank customer care number to request to activate dormant account in canara bank. You should keep your account number and passbook ready before calling customer care executive.

Points to remember

  • It is must to do some transactions means deposit cash and withdraw money from Canara Bank in order to keep your account active. Most importantly money withdrawal should be performed at least once in a 12 months.
  • You do not have to bear any chargers for making an inoperative Canara Bank Account active.
  • If your Canara Bank Account is used for crediting the Fixed Deposit Interest on a regular basis then your account can not become Inoperative/Dormant Account.
  • You will get your interest in your Canara Saving Bank Account even if it is Dormant/Inoperative.
  • If you do not need any of your Canara Bank saving/Current account anymore then it is always suggested to close your canara bank account before it becomes inactive and declared Inoperative/Dormant.


How to write Reopen Dormant bank account letter?

You can simply copy the format given in the article and can write a letter to reopen Dormant bank account. Also you can follow the video tutorial for writing application letter to bank manager.

How can I reactivate my dormant account in Canara Bank?

Canara Bank provides three different methods to reactivate dormant account which is not active. You can visit to bank or use Net banking to activate it again. Also, you can contact customer care service of Canara bank in order to reopen your inactive bank account.

What is Dormant Account in Canara Bank?

If your bank account is in non operational mode for a period of 24 months or more then Canara bank declares your bank account as dormant account.

What do I do if my Canara bank account is Inoperative?

Canara bank provides facility on its official website to check whether your bank account is Inoperative or Dormant. Then if your account is dormant or inactive then you can request bank to make it active again. For this you can visit your home branch or use net banking. Also, you can make it active again by calling customer care number.

How do I write a letter to reactivate my dormant bank account?

You can follow the format given in this article or can watch video tutorial to write letter to reactivate your dormant account.

How long does it take to activate dormant bank account?

Usually it take 1-2 working days to activate dormant bank account except some exceptional cases.

Final Words

This is a very simple procedure to Reactivate your Canara Bank Inoperative/Dormant Account. Canara Bank is a very trustworthy bank which facilitates its customers with number of facilities you only need to visit your home branch and ask for any help from the bank officials. You can also lodge your complaint in Canara bank if you face any issue. I hope this guide served you with the purpose of making your Canara Bank Inoperative/Dormant Account Reactive.

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