How to Register into YONO LITE SBI Latest Version (2022)?

yono lite sbi registration
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Is Yono Lite SBI not working? Are you getting error SIM service not available in Yono Lite? Did you hear about the new updated version of the SBI Yono Lite App? If No, then read the article carefully

If you are a State Bank of India customer and recently open account in State bank of India Online or Offline, and want to avail yourself of the benefits of SBI mobile banking and want to register and do a Yono Lite SBI login then you must know that SBI has added an additional security feature to YONO LITE SBI mobile app. And the process of registering into Yono is different in the new version of the SBI Lite Yono app.

SBI yono lite new version registration twitter announcement

This news is announced by SBI on Twitter on 25 July, 2021. Now in the new version of the SBI Yono Lite app, the SIM Binding feature has been added.

For this now you must have your SIM card which possesses the mobile number linked with your SBI account, in your mobile phone in which you want to use your SBI YONO LITE Mobile app.

In our previous article, we discussed How to activate internet banking in SBI and also How to deregister Yono if you are facing a problem in login into the YONO app or you want to log in with another bank account. Now in this article, we will explain the Yono lite SBI registration, the new process of the SBI official Mobile app Yono Lite SBI version 5.3.56


YONO LITE SBI App Download Here

If you are using the old version of the Yono Lite app of SBI then download the new Yono Lite app version 5.3.56

Requirements to Register into YONO LITE SBI by New Upgraded Method

  • SBI Registered Mobile Number: SIM must be in the mobile phone on which you want to use Yono Lite App. Also, you will receive an Activation Code on this
  • SBI ATM Debit Card: For the first-time registration process
  • SBI Yono Username and Password: If you already using the Yono app and now registering yourself again with a new process

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Steps for SBI YONO LITE Registration Process (New Version August 2021)

  • Download the YONO LITE SBI app on your mobile phone
yono lite sbi registration
  • Open the App and Select the SIM 1 or SIM 2, which is linked with your SBI Account
  • Now click on “Proceed”
  • Now an automatic SMS will be sent on 07208871299 from your mobile number to validate your mobile number(charges apply)
yono lite sbi login online registration
  • If you are registering first time in YONO LITE SBI then click on “New User Registration”
yono lite sbi login online registration
  • This option will take you to the SBI official website and you can register yourself there. But for this option, you must have your SBI Debit Card with you. After registration, you will get your User Name and Password to login in to Yono Lite SBI App and you can proceed with the steps mentioned here.
    • But If you do not have SBI ATM Debit Card then you can Apply SBI ATM Card or can visit your home branch to register yourself for Yono Lite SBI and afte receiving your User Name and Password you can complete the rest of the steps.
  • Now enter your SBI Yono User Name and Password and click on “Register”
  • Accept the “Terms and Conditions” and click on “Accept”
  • Then an activation code will be sent to your registered mobile number by SMS which will be valid for 30 minutes
  • Enter the 8-digit activation number and click on “Submit”
  • “User Activation Successful” this message will pop up on the screen
  • Now Login screen will appear
  • Here enter your User Name and Password and click on the “Login” button and you can use YONO LITE SBI app on your mobile phone
  • On the login page you will also get the “Forgot Password” option by using this you can Reset Yono Lite SBI User Name and Password any time if you forgot or lost it.

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How do I register for Yono Lite SBI?

Now from August 2021, the registration in the YONO Lite SBI app has been changed due to the newly upgraded feature of SIM Binding. Read the step-by-step guide to register into the Yono SBI Lite app. Also, re-registration in SBI Yono Lite for existing users is a must to perform.

Why Is not Yono SBI Lite working?

Because of the recent upgrades in SBI Yono Lite old version of SBI Yono Lite is not working. Update your old Yono Lite version to 5.3.49 and again re-register in SBI Yono and if you are new to SBI Yono Lite then follow the step-by-step guide given in the article

How can I register Yono in SBI LITE without visiting the branch?

If you are a new customer of the State Bank of India and have received your welcome kit then you can register in the SBI YONO app directly without visiting your branch. Also, if you have your SBI ATM debit card then you can directly download the Yono SBI app and can self-register yourself online. You do not need to visit your home branch. But first you have to complete SBI card ATM pin generation process.

How do I get a new ATM card from Yono SBI?

Now you can apply for a new ATM Debit Card from the SBI Yono App. By following some simple steps you can complete the Yono debit card apply process easily. Go to the “Service Request” option and then in the “Debit Card” section and apply for the new EMV card.

How can I upgrade access level SBI using Yono?

You can follow some simple steps to upgrade access level SBI and can upgrade or downgrade the level using Yono SBI App.

Can I download my SBI passbook using SBI Lite Yono?

Yes, you can download SBI Passbook in Yono Lite App. Go to the Accounts section and choose the “View/Download Statement” option. And you can check and download the softcopy of your SBI Account transactions on your mobile.

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you in registering SBI Yono Lite New version. If you face any difficulty then you can call the YONO customer care number 1800 11 1101 anytime. Also, you can comment below for further help.


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