How to Reset/Change/Generate HDFC ATM Debit Card PIN Online? | HDFC Debit Card Activation

HDFC Debit Card Activation
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HDFC Bank provides a Debit Card facility to its customer to access the funds anywhere anytime. For this, all the customers get their ATM Card after HDFC online account opening or by offline mode. But now due to security reasons, this card is sent in an inactive state to the customers and then customers have to activate it and generate a PIN before using the card for money transactions.

Also, after applying for the new Debit Card in HDFC now to track HDFC Debit Card online is possible too. Just after receiving your ATM card from HDFC Bank firstly you have to activate it and complete the process of HDFC PIN generation. For this, you can choose different online and offline methods listed hereunder in detail.

In our previous article we discussed How you can get HDFC Mini Statement Online and How to download HDFC Bank e Passbook online now in this article first, we will tell you the requirements to activate your card, methods for HDFC Debit Card PIN generation/change and then will discuss step-by-step detail of each method.

NOTE: In the case of HDFC ATM PIN forgot you have to follow the same steps to reset your HDFC ATM Debit Card PIN Reset


Requirements of HDFC Bank ATM PIN Generation

  • HDFC ATM Card
  • HDFC ATM PIN received in the welcome kit ( If activating First Time using welcome kit after opening account)
  • HDFC 6 digits OTP received by the bank via SMS ( If activating newly received Debit Card using OTP sent by the bank)
  • Registered Mobile Number (To receive OTP or Call customer care number if using the phone banking option)
  • HDFC Mobile Banking Registration ( If you are using Mobile App for generating ATM PIN)
  • Registration in HDFC Net Banking ( If you are using the Net Banking option)

Methods for HDFC Debit Card PIN Generation

  • Method 1: HDFC Debit Card PIN generation Using OTP Received in Welcome Kit
  • Method 2: HDFC new PIN generation by OTP sent by Bank Via SMS
  • Method 3: HDFC ATM PIN reset via Mobile Banking
  • Method 4: Forgot HDFC ATM PIN reset through Net Banking
  • Method 5: HDFC ATM PIN change through Phone Banking
  • Method 6: ATM PIN change HDFC through an HDFC Bank Branch

Steps For HDFC Debit Card PIN Generation Through ATM (Using OTP Received in Welcome Kit)

If you have received your ATM Debit Card from HDFC Bank via Welcome Kit then you will get an OTP along with your ATM card in the kit. By using that PIN you can activate your HDFC Debit Card at an ATM outlet.

Otherwise, if you applied for a new ATM card and received your ATM then in that case you will receive an OTP by SMS. It is 6 digits, One Time PIN send by the bank to activate your ATM Debit Card. By using this OTP you can activate your ATM card of HDFC and generate a new HDFC ATM PIN.

For both different cases follow the below-listed steps to generate an ATM PIN on the ATM outlet using OTP.

Steps For HDFC PIN Generation/Change Using OTP Received in Welcome Kit

  • Visit your nearby HDFC ATM Outlet
  • Swipe/Insert your ATM
  • Select your preferred language
  • Then enter the PIN you received in HDFC Welcome Kit
  • Then go to “Change PIN” and change your ATM PIN
  • Finally, your new ATM PIN will be reset

Steps For HDFC Bank Debit Card PIN Generation by SMS Sent By Bank (Using OTP)

  • Visit your nearby HDFC ATM outlet
  • Insert/Swipe your ATM Card of HDFC Bank
  • Now select your preferred language
  • After this on the next screen choose the “Set Your PIN” option
  • Now enter the 6-digit OTP sent by HDFC Bank to Generate the ATM PIN and click on “Confirm
  • Enter 10 digit registered mobile number and click on “Confirm
  • Then create a new 4-digit ATM PIN
  • Re-enter the PIN again
  • Your HDFC Debit Card PIN will be Reset successfully

Steps For HDFC ATM PIN Reset Online Via Mobile Banking

  • Download and Register for HDFC Mobile App
  • Login into the HDFC app using your Password
  • Now click on the “Menu” (≡) option present at the left top corner
  • Then tap on the “PAY” option
  • Now select the “Cards” option present in the drop-down menu
  • On the next screen, your card details will be shown on screen
  • Click on your Card Details and it will take you to the next screen
  • Now tap on the “SET PIN” option
  • Now enter your Registered Mobile Number
  • Enter the OTP sent by a bank on your registered mobile number
  • Now create your new 4-digit HDFC ATM PIN
  • Re-enter your newly created ATM Debit Card PIN
  • Your PIN for HDFC ATM Debit Card has been generated successfully

Must Read:

HDFC Debit Card PIN Generation Online using Net Banking

  • Visit HDFC Net Banking Portal
  • Login into your Net Banking Account using your HDFC Customer ID and Password
  • Now on the top nav bar menu choose the “Cards” option
  • Then from the left side, you will see some further options
  • Choose the “Request” option and then click on “Instant PIN Generation”
  • Now choose the ATM Card for which you want to generate a PIN
  • Enter a new 4-digit ATM PIN twice and click on “Continue”
  • On the next screen confirm the PIN generation request by clicking the “Continue” button
  • Now you have to confirm your registered mobile number
  • Then enter the OTP sent on your registered mobile number to complete the process
  • Your ATM PIN generation HDFC process will be completed successfully

Steps To HDFC Debit Card PIN Generation Using Toll Free Number (Phone Banking)

If you have not received your OTP for activating your ATM Debit Card of HDFC Bank then you can contact the customer care number of HDFC to receive the OTP. The customer care executive will ask for some details to verify your authenticity like your Name, Address, Registered Mobile number, ATM Card Number, Last 3 Transactions, etc. After verifying the details an OTP is sent to your registered mobile number. After that follow the above-mentioned steps of generating an HDFC ATM PIN using OTP you can generate/set a new ATM PIN

How To Do HDFC ATM PIN Reset/Change By Visiting Branch?

  • Visit your HDFC home branch
  • Ask for the ATM PIN reset request form
  • Fill in all the necessary details asked in the form
  • Handover the duly filled form to the bank officials
  • After verifying your details your request for ATM Debit Card PIN generation will be accepted
  • Within 1-2 days, you will receive a 6-digit OTP on your registered mobile number
  • With the help of that OTP, you can reset/change your HDFC Debit Card PIN anytime


Can I generate HDFC ATM PIN online?

Yes, by using the Net Banking and Mobile Banking option of HDFC Bank you can generate the ATM PIN of HDFC Bank online. Follow the steps explained in the above article to generate a PIN online.

Can I reset the ATM PIN using the ATM outlet?

Yes, if you want to change the ATM PIN then you can do it using the ATM outlet but if you have forgotten it then you need to generate it again. And if you want to generate the new ATM Debit Card PIN using ATM then you must have a one-time password PIN sent by HDFC Bank (either in a welcome kit or sent by SMS). Then after you can follow the above-mentioned steps to reset your HDFC Bank Debit Card PIN using ATM.

How can I know my HDFC Bank ATM PIN?

If you forgot your HDFC ATM PIN then you can only reset it by regenerating your ATM PIN again. There is no way to retrieve your forgotten Debit Card PIN.

How can I link the email to HDFC Bank?

You can update email id in HDFC Bankeither by using Net Banking HDFC Bank or by visiting your home branch. There is no other way to update your email id because of security reasons.

How to Download the FD interest certificate of HDFC?

In order to download fixed deposit interest certificate HDFC Online, you can use mobile banking or the Net Banking option. From both the options you can download the file on your phone or computer easily. Also, you can visit your home branch for getting the printout of the FD interest certificate of HDFC Bank.

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you in HDFC Bank ATM PIN Generation. For any further queries, you can comment below or can call the HDFC customer care number of your area.

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