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How to Reset/Change Union Bank Transaction Password/Transaction PIN Online?

union bank transaction password creation
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If you are a Union Bank of India customer and forgot your transaction password UBI and seeking how to reset transaction password/transaction PIN in union bank then this article is for you.

In our previous article related to Union Bank we discussed Union bank Passbook download online and Union bank of India balance check online and now in this article, you will get all the detailed step-by-step methods to obtain or change transaction password/ transaction PIN with or without debit card details


What is Transaction Password in Union Bank?

To provide an extra layer of security in online fund transfers you have to create a 4 digits password in Union Bank which is a must-enter password while you initiate any transaction through net banking/mobile banking. This password confirms the authenticity of the transaction and prevents any type of fraud. This password is called Transaction Password in Union Bank Net Banking and Transaction PIN in UBI Mobile Banking.

Method 1: How to Reset Union Bank Transaction Password Online using Union Bank’s official Website?

  • Go to Union Bank of India Net Banking Login Page
  • Now click on the “Forgot/Reset Password” option
  • Then on the next screen choose the “Online reset of Login/Transaction password(s) – Retail users having Debit Card:” option and click on “Continue
  • On the next opened page Enter your Union Bank User ID and Account Number
  • Then you have to enter either your Date of Birth(D.O.B) or your PAN card number
  • After this Answer the given question(it can be an addition or subtraction of two digits)
  • Finally, click on “Continue” and you will be redirected to a new screen
  • Here, you have to enter your Union Bank Debit Card details which include the ATM Card Number and ATM PIN
  • In the next step, you have to enter the details of any one type of transaction done in your Union Bank account. For this, you have to fill in the amount of the transaction and type of transaction(Debit/Credit)
  • Then click on the “Continue
  • Enter the OTP, sent on your registered mobile number in Union Bank of India and click on “Continue
  • On the next screen choose the “Set Transaction Password” option and enter your new UBI transaction Password twice
  • The process of resetting the Union Bank Transaction PIN will be completed successfully

Method 2: How to Create Transaction Password in Union Bank of India (without Debit Card)?

In this method, you can apply for a printed copy of your Union Bank Transaction Password. You can apply for this printed copy online but your password will be received in physical form.

Some Important points related to ordering the password are:

  • You can only apply for the transaction password once in three working days
  • This printed copy will be sent to your registered address within 2-3 working days by courier.
  • If the shipment returns, the printed copy of the transaction password of UBI will be sent again by speed post and it may take another 7 working days
  • You will get a reference number after making a request for the printed copy of the transaction password which you can use to track the courier.

How to get transaction password union bank of India (printed copy):

  • Go to the Union Bank of India Net Banking login page https://www.unionbankonline.co.in/
  • Now click on the “Forgot/Reset Password” option
  • Now click on “Print Password Request for Retail
  • Then on the next screen, you have to complete some steps by providing some details
  • Firstly, enter UBI Customer ID/ CIF Number and Union bank account number
  • Then select the “Transaction Password” option and answer a random question (e.g. addition of two digits)
  • Now click “Submit
  • In the next steps, You have to preview the details and confirm your new transaction password of Union Bank
  • At last, you can change the transaction password in union bank successfully by using this printed password

NOTE: This is a paid service. Also, if you are not able to apply online you can send your [email protected]

Method 3: How to Change/Reset Transaction Password/PIN in UBI Bank Mobile App?

  • Download and register to Union Bank’s Mobile App ( U-Mobile – Union Bank of India)
  • Now log in to the app using 4 digit UBI Login PIN
  • Now click on Burger Menu Icon (≡) present at the left top corner of the screen
  • Then click on the “Settings” option
  • After this on the new screen two options, can see “Change Transaction PIN” and “Reset Transaction PIN
  • If you remember your old PIN and want to change the transition PIN in UBI then click on “Change Transaction PIN”
    • On the next screen enter your old/Existing 4 digit UBI Transaction PIN and then set a new Transaction PIN (create a new transaction PIN of Union Bank)
    • Again enter your newly created Transaction PIN to confirm it and click on “Submit”
  • If you do not remember your old PIN then click on the “Reset Transaction PIN” option to reset the Union bank app Transaction PIN
    • On the next screen, you will get three different methods to reset your Transaction PIN in Union Bank
      • I have Debit Card
      • I have Internet Banking
      • I have branch generated Token
    • If you have your Debit Card from Union Bank then you have to enter your ATM Debit Card PIN number and ATM PIN and then answer a captcha question
    • Then on the next screen, you can create your new 4 digit Transaction PIN of Union Bank
  • At last, your transition PIN/ID will be reset successfully.
  • This is the complete method to set transaction password/ transaction PIN in union bank you can simply follow the steps and make it done within no time


How do I reset my Union Bank Transaction PIN online?

You can set your Union Bank of India Transaction Password by using Union Bank’s official website or you can use the Union Bank Mobile App to reset your UBI transaction password. Both the methods are online. Step by step details is given above in the article.

How to do UBI transaction password reset without debit Card details?

You can make a request for a printed copy of your transaction Password of Union Bank of India if you do not have your UBI Debit Card details. This request is made online by visiting the UBI official Website. All the steps are given in the article above.

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