How To Reset Forgot Profile Password in Yono SBI & Yono Lite SBI?

yono lite sbi profile password forgot
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After Login into SBI Net Banking if you do not remember your set Profile Password of SBI or mistakenly your SBI Profile Password has Locked then you can not avail perform any digital banking facility provided by the SBI like SBI KYC update online, upgrade access level SBI, add new beneficiary in SBI Yono, how to remove lien amount in sbi yono app etc.

So, it is a must to have your Profile Password for the State bank of India Net banking. In this article, we will tell you how you can reset it in some easy steps.


Format/Example of SBI Profile Password

  • The length of the created password must be between 8 to 20 characters
  • It should be a combination of alphabet, numeric digit, and special character
  • It should include at least one digit (0-9)
  • One alphabet (A-Z)(a-z) must be included
  • There must be one special character (e.g.- @,#,$,%)
SBI (or Yono SBI) Profile Password Example


How to Reset/Create Profile Password in SBI via Net Banking Online(Using Hint Question)

  • Go to SBI official Website
  • Go to the “Personal Banking” section and then click “Login”
  • Click on the “Continue To Login”
  • On the next page, you have to enter your SBI net banking username and password in the “Username” and “Password” section
  • Now enter “Captcha Code” and then “Login”
  • After this, you have to enter the One Time Password (OTP) which is sent on your SBI bank account link mobile number
  • Now click on the “Submit” button
  • Click on “Profile” and then on “My Profile”
  • Now click on “Forgot Profile Password”
  • Again you have to enter One time Password(OTP) which is sent on your registered mobile number
  • Now select the “Using Hint Question Answer” option
  • Now select the question and enter the answer which you set at the time of first-time Profile Password set
  • Then enter your new Profile Password two times
  • Enter OTP sent on your registered mobile number
  • Your SBI internet banking profile password is created successfully

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How to Reset Profile Password in SBI Without Hint Question (Using SBI ATM Debit Card)?

  • Visit the State bank of India’s official website
  • Now click “Continue To Login”
  • Enter your SBI Net Banking User Name and Password
  • Enter the code that appears in “Captcha Code”
  • Now click on the “Login”
  • Now you have to enter the Time Password (OTP) sent on your registered mobile number
  • Click on the “Submit” button
  • Then on the left side menu select “Profile”
  • Here you have to choose “My Profile”
  • Here select the “Forgot Profile Password” option
  • Again you have to enter one-time password that is sent on your registered mobile number
  • Now choose the validate option as “Approve Though ATM Debit Card”
  • Select the “Account Number” and after “Debit card Number”
  • Now enter the SBI ATM Debit Card details like Card’s Expiry Date, PIN, Card Holder Name and Captcha code
  • After the card validation now you have to enter your New Profile Password twice
  • After this you need to select a “Hint Question” from the given list of questions
  • Enter the answer to that question
  • Next, enter your Date of Birth and click on “Submit”
  • Your profile password will be changed successfully

Reset Profile Password in SBI via Yono Mobile App

  • Open the SBI Yono app on your mobile
  • Under the “Quick Links” click on “Service Request”
  • Now tap on “Settings”
  • Then under the “Security” section tap on “Reset Profile Password”
  • Then enter SBI Internet banking Profile Password
  • Now select Security Question or Enter SBI ATM Card Details (ATM Card Number and SBI ATM PIN)
  • After this enter your New Profile Password two times and click on “Confirm”
  • Now enter the OTP that you received on your registered mobile number and
  • Your Profile Password will be changed successfully

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Steps to Reset SBI Forgot Profile Password Through Branch Visit

  • Register and Login into SBI Net banking using your User Name and Password
  • Go to the “Profile” section and click on “My Profile”
  • Click on “Forgot Profile Password”
  • Enter the OTP sent on your mobile phone linked with the SBI account
  • Now select the “Visiting Branch” option
  • After this, you have to select your branch and click “Submit”
  • Now on the next screen, the Reference Number and the link for downloading the Registration form will appear
  • Download and print the form
  • Now fill the reference number in it with other details
  • Visit your branch and submit this dully filled form
  • You will get a link via Email/SMS after getting your request approved and you can reset your Profile Password after that
  • OR if you do not use Net Banking then you can directly visit your home branch and fill out the Profile Password Reset Form and submit it.
  • You can also download the Profile Password Reset Form SBI online and submit to the SBI base branch after filling it out properly

Download SBI Profile Password Reset Form Online:

How to Change Profile Password in SBI Using SBI Yono App?

If you want to change your SBI Profile Password from old to new then you can simply do it using SBI Yono Application. It is also important to change your Profile Password in SBI from time to time, for security reasons.

Steps to Change SBI Profile Password

  • Login into the app using SBI Yono User Name and Password
  • Under the “Quick Links” tap on “Service Requests”
  • Now click on “Settings”
  • Under the “Security” section click on “Reset Profile Password”
  • Now enter your SBI Internet banking password
  • Now enter your old Profile Password and create a new password


What to do if my SBI profile password is locked?

In SBI net banking 3 failed attempts resulted in locking Profile Password. In that case, it will be unlocked in the next 24 hours. If it is locked by the bank itself or for any other reason then you have to visit the home branch to confirm the reason and then you can request to unlock it.

What is a high-security password in SBI?

During online transactions or changes to any security features in your SBI Net Banking account, SBI sends an OTP on your registered mobile number to confirm the authenticity of the access. That OTP is called a high-security password in SBI.

What is the difference between Profile Password and Login Password in SBI?

Login Password is used to log in to the Net banking in SBI. Whereas, the profile password is an additional password that provides additional security during online transactions or changing security features like passwords.

How to transfer money in SBI Yono App?

Firstly, add the beneficiary and then you can send money in Yono to that beneficiary using some simple steps.

How to download SBI passbook e-statement online?

You can download SBI account statement online using 4 different methods. You can get transaction details using Net Banking, SBI official website, SBI Yono App, and/or SBI Yono Lite app.


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