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How to Stop Cheque Payment in Canara Bank?

How to Stop Cheque Payment in Canara Bank?
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By using Cheque an adequate amount of payment can be settled without any hassle. Every bank provides this facility to its customers since opening their Bank Account online or offline. Canara bank also issue cheque book t its customers. Even customers can also request for canara bank cheque book at any time because of its advantages. But sometimes due to various reasons customers may want to halt the proceeding of already issued cheque. In that case Cheque Payment is stopped by the bank.
A customer has right to stop the payment of only that Cheque which has been issued but not yet cleared.  After receiving the customer’s consent, the bank stops the payment of the cheque.


There can be few reasons to Stop Payment of Canara Bank Cheque by the customer.

  • If  insufficient amount is there in the bank account which is not adequate to pay the bearer.
  • If the cheque has been declared misplaced or lost.
  • If the cheque bears any written mistake.

Note : It is always advisable to check balance in canara bank account before writing a cheque

Ways to stop Payment of Canara Bank Cheque

There are three main ways to stop Payment of Canara Bank Cheque

By using Canara Bank Internet Banking

Online Banking facilitates the customers with vast variety of services. By using this, number of tasks can be performed while sitting at home like get mini statement of canara bank, request canara cheque book, check canara FASTag balance, link Aadhaar with Canara Bank, activate Canara ATM card etc. Stopping Cheque Payment is among them. This can be done by following the steps mentioned below but Canara Internet Banking Service must be activated for using this facility.

By Using Canara Bank Customer Care Helpline Numbers:

Call the Canara Bank Customer Care No.  1800 425 0018 to Stop Payment of the Canara Bank Cheque. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • You should call to customer care to Stop Payment of the Cheque.
  • You should provide required details like Account Number, Name, Date of Birth, Aadhaar Number, etc to Customer Care Service.
  • The Customer Service Executive will help customers to register their request.

By Visiting to the Home Branch:

By visiting your Home Branch the Payment of Cheque can be stopped. Only a written request from the account holder is needed for this. It is a conventional method and a bit time-consuming. You only have to tell  some details regarding the issued Cheque to the bank officers which are mentioned below:

  1. Cheque number.
  2. The date is mentioned on the Cheque.
  3. Bearer’s name on the Cheque.
  4. Amount filled on the Cheque.
  5. Other details of the Account holder.

As soon as the bank collects the required information it stops the Payment of the Cheque.

Note: This process may levy some charges on the account holder.


Q. What is the validity period of a Cheque?

The validity of a cheque is 3 months from the date of issue. Earlier it was 6 months but now after RBI’s new guidelines, it is 3 months.

Q. What is the validity of the withdrawal slip?

There is no such validity of a withdrawal slip

Final Words

So, these are three main methods to stop the Payment of the Canara bank Cheque. People who are not well acquainted with technical stuff prefer visiting banks or calling a customer care numbers, while others prefer using the online banking method. If you face any inconvenience you can also lodge complaint in Canara bank.

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