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How to Withdraw Money From Canara Bank ATM?

How to Withdraw Money From Canara Bank ATM?
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Key Points

  • Using ATM you can withdraw cash without visiting Canara Bank Branch
  • Any ATM can be used for withdrawing money but the Withdrawal amount and Number of transactions will be limited if you use ATM other than Canara ATM
  • Now money can be withdrawn from Canara Bank ATM with or without using ATM Card

Canara Bank is a leading Government Bank. The amalgamation of Syndicate Bank with Canara Bank which came into effect on April 1, 2020 has made it the fourth largest PSU Bank in India. Canara bank was incorporated in the year 1906. Since then it is flourishing by leaps and bounds and providing endless banking services to its customers.

Many Canara Bank customers do transactions on a daily basis and for transactions, the most popular mode that is being used by them is ATM Card. Nowadays Canara Bank ATM is not only used for Cash Withdrawal and Deposit but also used for other different purposes mentioned here.


Services offered at Canara Bank ATM

All the services which are being provided to the Canara Bank Customers are listed here:

Methods of Withdrawing Money from ATM

There are two different methods by which you can withdraw money from ATM easily:

  • Withdraw Money from ATM using Canara Bank ATM Card
  • Withdraw Money from ATM without using Canara Bank ATM Card(Cardless Cash Withdrawal)

Let us discuss both methods in detail.

Withdraw Cash From Canara Bank ATM Using ATM/Debit Card

Money Withdrawal from ATM using your Canara Bank ATM is a simple process. All you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step procedure given here:

  • Visit a nearby ATM and insert/swipe your Debit/ATM card
  • At first, you have to select Your preferred language
  • In the next step, you have to enter your 4-digit ATM PIN
  • Among the given options you have to choose the “Withdraw” option
  • Then you have to choose your account type(Saving/Current)
  • Now enter the amount which you want to withdraw from the ATM
  • You can also choose to Print a transaction receipt by selecting “Yes
  • After completing all the processes you can collect the amount from the ATM
  • Do not forget to collect your Canara Bank ATM Card after completing the transaction.
It is not necessary to use only Canara Bank ATM for Money withdrawal, any ATM can be used.

Withdraw Cash From Canara Bank ATM Without ATM/Debit Card (Cardless Cash Withdrawal)

Recently Canara Bank came up with a new feature of Mobile Banking where you can withdraw money from Canara Bank ATM without even swiping/using your Canara ATM Card. All you need is an Activated Mobile Banking Service. For using this feature you have to follow step by step guide given below:

  • Firstly you have to log in to your Mobile banking via Canara Bank’s official Application.
  • Then you have chosen the Cardless Cash option.
  • In the next step, you have to select your  Canara Bank Account from which you want to withdraw money.
  • After selecting the account you have to select the Debit card Number(in case of having multiple Debit cards).
  • After that, you have to Enter the Amount you want to withdraw from the ATM.
  • Now enter any four-digit One Time PIN (It can be other than your ATM PIN)
  • Then you have to enter your MPIN.
  • Then your transaction will be initiated which is valid for up to 15 minutes.
  • In the next step, you have to visit your nearby Canara ATM and select the option Cardless Cash
  • Then select the Mobile banking option
  • Now enter your Registered Mobile Number followed by 4 digits PIN
  • Now you have to enter the Amount which you want to withdraw(it should be the same amount that you entered at the time of initiating the transaction)
  • At last Collect the Amount from Canara Bank ATM
Transaction session is limited to 15 mins. You have to proceed within the time frame otherwise it will get expired.

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you in knowing the process of withdrawing money from Canara Bank ATM with/without using Canara Bank ATM card. You should know the fact that without using an ATM card only up to 5000 rupees can be withdrawn from the ATM whereas this limit is quite high in case of money withdrawal using an ATM Card. Though both methods are convenient but still money withdrawal using ATM is mostly preferred by individuals who are not technically sound. If you face any difficulty during any process you can call to Canara Bank IVR number.

Canara Bank provides toll-free number 1800 425 0018 / 1800 103  0018  to its customers who are seeking help in regard to availing banking services.

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  • What to do if I have withdrawn certain amount from ATM of the same Canara bank & the cash didn’t dispense due to sudden light cut off..

    • You can contact the customer care number of your bank. If the ATM outlet was located on the premises of a certain bank then you must contact the bank for the same immediately.