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Update Address via Secret Code in Aadhaar

aadhar card address change online
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Now you can update your Address online by using Self Service Update Portal (SSUP). By the process to Update Address via Secret Code in Aadhaar you have to request for an Address Validation Letter if you do not have any document of address proof. And then you will receive a secret code by post at that address. And by using that code you can update address via secret code easily.

Just because you have changed your location and now want to change address in Aadhaar. But unfortunately you do not have any address Proof then this article is for you. In this article you will know the new method provided by UIDAI to change address in Aadhaar without needing any document.

Aadhaar Card is an important Identity for every Indian. Without it you can not perform any financial transaction. Besides this, for availing benefits and services provided by the government it is must to keep an Aadhaar Card. Now it is also must to link your aadhaar with your bank account. So, it is must that the information printed on the Aadhaar should be correct always.

Earlier you have to obtain the address proof of your new address if you want to change/update your address on Aadhaar Card. But now the procedure to change address in Aadhaar has become easier.

But before that you must know the requirements of the process so that you can complete the whole process hustle free.


Requirements of the Procedure to change Address in Aadhaar Card online

There is only one requirement for proceeding the process of changing/upgrading the address on Aadhaar. The mobile numbers of Resident(who wants to update/change his/her address in Aadhaar) and Address Verifier (who is already residing at that address) must be linked to their Aadhaar Card respectively.

It is because, at different steps OTP is sent on the registered mobile number of both the Resident as well as the Verifier.

Procedure to Update Address via Secret Code in Aadhaar Online

If you have recently moved in to new home and want to update your new address on your Aadhaar. But you do not have any document of address proof. Then you can use the address of any person who is living at that address and having the same address printed on his/her Aadhaar card.

That person can be your family member, relative, friends, and landlord. If that person is ready to give his/her consent to use their address as a proof then UIDAI will send an Address Validation Letter with a Secret Code to that particular address and then you can Update address via Secret Code online.

You can simply follow the steps to update your Aadhaar without having any documents. There are mainly two steps:

Step 1:  Request For Address Validation Letter

Step 2:  Update Address via Secret Code

Both the steps are important to complete carefully to update address in Aadhaar. Let us see the detailed step-by-step guide to update address in Aadhaar Card online.

Step 1:  Request For Address Validation Letter

Address change in aadhaar card

  • Click on the “Request For Address Validation Letter”

update address aadhaar

  • Now enter you 12 digit Aadhaar Number and Verify the Captcha.
  • Now Click on either “Send OTP” or “Enter a TOTP“.
  • Then you have to enter your 6/8 digit OTP/TOTP and click on the “Login“.

aadhaar address update online

  • Further, On the next window you have to enter the 12 digit Aadhaar Number of Address Verifier and click on “Send Request“.

change address in aadhaar without address proof

  • A message saying “Your Request for Aadhaar Validation Letter is initiated” will be displayed on your screen and a text message will be sent on the Verifier’s Registered Mobile Number.

aadhaar address change online without any document

  • In the Message Verifier will receive a link and via clicking on that link Verifier will give His/her consent to use his Address as the Address for the Resident.

address update in aadhaar procedure without address proof

  • After clicking on the link (Sent to Verifier) a new window will be open where Verifier has to enter 6 digit OTP .The OTP is sent on the registered mobile number of the verifier.

update address on aadhaar online

  • Then after clicking on “Verify OTP” a message will be displayed on screen saying “You have successfully given your consent for using your Aadhaar Address
  • Then the Resident will receive a text message on your registered mobile number stating that Verifier has approved your request and you will be given 10 digit  SRN number with a link.

aadhaar step by step guide to change address

  • Now you have to enter 10 digit SRN number with Captcha Verification.
  • Then click on option either “Send OTP” or “Enter a TOTP“.

aadhaar online address change with no document of address proof

  • Then you will see the preview of your new address on the screen .Here you have to check your new address carefully.
  • At this stage you will get an option to Edit address in your local language but the address displayed in English language is not changeable.
  • Now check the check box to confirm that you have read the instructions carefully.
  • And click on the “Submit” button.

method to change address on aadhaar card

  • Now a message will be displayed on the screen stating “Your Address Validation Letter request has been successfully submitted
  • Now you will receive the letter via post. In that letter you will receive your Secret Code.

Step 2:  Update Address via Secret Code

After receiving the Address Validation Letter you have to move to the second step of modification in Address In Aadhaar. For this you have to follow some steps mentioned here under:

updated address in aadhar

  • Click on the Proceed to Update Aadhaar 

change in address in aadhar card online

  • Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number(UID) and Captcha.
  • Click on “Send OTP”.
  • Now you have to enter 6 digit OTP which you will receive on your registered mobile number.
  • Then after, click on “Login

change address on aadhar card

  • You will be redirected to a new window. Here you will get two options “Upgrade Demographics Data” and “Update Address via Secret Code
  • Click on the “Update Address via Secret Code

aadhaar address change form

  • Here you have to enter your 6 digit Secret Code which you received by Post at your new address and click on “Proceed ” Button.
  • Now the process of address change/update will be completed successfully.

At last you can download your new updated Aadhaar Card from the UIDAI official site by using any of the different available ways to Download Aadhaar Card Online.

Procedure to Check the Status of Validation Letter

Under Aadhaar Update Online to Check Update Status you have to follow these below mentioned step by step guide


How many times I can change address in Aadhar card?

According to the UIDAI you can change your address in Aadhaar twice only.

How can I change my address for all ID proofs ?

After updating your address in aadhar you can use your Aadhaar as a valid address proof which can further be used to change address for all ID proofs

Final Words

This process can be opt only when you want to change your address completely from old address to new address. If you want to make correction in your existing address then you should need an address proof . We hope this article helped you in knowing the process of address change in Aadhaar without using any address proof. If any of the step you find difficulty then you can call the UIDAI Toll free number 1947. Also you can write us in the comment section for more guidance.

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